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Weekly Sketch Battle - KREAM

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by NouveauP, Oct 11, 2011.

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Poll closed Oct 18, 2011.
  1. Phat2

  2. Moe

  3. Blink

  4. runci

  5. sema

    0 vote(s)
  6. knowledge

  1. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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  2. zemune

    zemune Member

    • Messages: 29
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    knowledge gmv. Great battle this time!
  3. MTK

    MTK Senior Member

    • Messages: 155
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    is this the intermedite poll... and phat gots my vote
  4. Banned

    • Messages: 83
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    knowledge killed it.
  5. runci

    runci Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,689
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    i wouldnt go that far
  6. PETER

    PETER Elite Member

    • Messages: 881
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    Love Phat's theme.
  7. Blink!

    Blink! Senior Member

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    i'm glad to see so many entries for this, I think if sema would have put that m with the rest of the word and got a sharper picture, one that showed the detail in his fill, the outcome of this would have been much different.
  8. runci

    runci Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,689
    • Likes Received: 3
    really? his letters arent that good... i mean there pretty decent structure wise
    i hope you all got my k.r.e.a.m theme... cash rules everything around me bitches
  9. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,027
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    Runci is the only good entry, and I've still seen better from him.
  10. Blink!

    Blink! Senior Member

    • Messages: 80
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    i'm just saying, it has potential and could have scored a few votes
  11. Moe_13

    Moe_13 Member

    • Messages: 22
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    what about mine
  12. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,355
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    moe urs is crazy illegible and u gotta go a lot simpler, u got arrows and extension things comin out of nowhere... and u should use a ruler for ur 3d
  13. sema

    sema Senior Member

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  14. Goofy_Wan

    Goofy_Wan Member

    • Messages: 11
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    Really like the background and fill with Phat2's.

    Moe's was nice and catchy at first glance but after a couple of minutes it's just looking too wild for me.

    Blink's looks nice and clean, but the fill puts me off.

    Runci's is another clean number, but the background and the 'e' just don't do it for me. The bottom tail on the 'e' has an unnecessary curl back to the left imo.

    Sema's is catchy and jumps out with good colour scheme, and I dig the lettering style, but not sure about the broken format with the M down below.

    Knowledge's wins it for me. While it lacks colour, fill and background, the letter style is clear with some nice additions, and the word/structure as a whole flows maintaining symmetric shape.

    Knowledge +1 from me.
  15. MEMO_HK

    MEMO_HK Member

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    knowledge and blink are the 2 that stand out and sema for the handstyle!
  16. Moe_13

    Moe_13 Member

    • Messages: 22
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    thanks bro thats the 2nd advice i get from here
  17. E1 5P4R3

    E1 5P4R3 Senior Member

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    runci first for mesn with the letters, knowledge 2nd
  18. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

    • Messages: 808
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    knowledge hands down. but i like semas tag style
  19. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

    • Messages: 1,648
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    RUNCI for sure u fools are blind
  20. Lee*89

    Lee*89 Member

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