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Weekly Throw Battle - Audio

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by BORG, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. empty can

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  2. sederix

  3. vinnie paz

  4. hakr

  5. asetotheurn

  6. black57

  7. null.....

  1. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    SEEK NRA Senior Member

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    man for me it was a close one between black and aset. but i went with black, i like those letters.
  3. "Mafi"

    "Mafi" Senior Member

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    Lotta solid entries, but I went with sed, mainly cause it's the one I'd like to see up on a wall most
  4. labmadelift

    labmadelift Senior Member

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    sed for me aswell, very eye pleasing, and like Mafi said i would like to see it sprayed on a wall.
  5. Asetotheurn

    Asetotheurn Member

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    sed has a nice O, but the other letters seem generic to me, went with vinne paz, nice flow, reminds me of swiss cheese
  6. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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  7. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    Hakr slaughtered you guise!
  8. Vinnie Paz

    Vinnie Paz Senior Member

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    lol yea i hate d's unless there the first letter i can never get them popin off right^
  9. E1 5P4R3

    E1 5P4R3 Senior Member

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    Black-57, Lot of Character

    Vinnie, Clean with fresh shadow
  10. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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    sederix because it looks like some shit i would love to see on a wall, but props to vinnie, ase and black. usually voting isnt this tough
  11. HADES.

    HADES. Senior Member

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    i vote for VINNIE PAZ!!!!!!!
    clean concise. very nicethrow. kind has a westcoast throw feel to it.
    looks great. i like the D

    then 2nd to ASETOTHEURN
    traditional east coast throw... ;)

    honorable mention to
    BLACK57. looks good but not really feeling it.
    looks mad generic. letters are too bland.

    hakr = poop.

    NO offenses to anybody. justcalling it how i see it gentlemen;)
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
  12. BLACK57(tcb.vhs)

    BLACK57(tcb.vhs) Member

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    i went with vinnie paz, shits hella fresh style
  13. tob0127

    tob0127 Banned

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  14. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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  15. m+s

    m+s Senior Member

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    vinnie with style, keep the good shit coming, been likin your new shit alot
  16. -Wings-

    -Wings- Elite Member

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    Alot of good throwies in this one, was kind of hard to choose. But I decided to go with vinnie, the letters were good and flowed very nicely. Good stuff though sederix and asetotheurn, like them ones aswell.
  17. prefer

    prefer Banned

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  18. supaskunkk

    supaskunkk Senior Member

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  19. Armored Bulletz

    Armored Bulletz Senior Member

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    i went with vinnie.. i love that solid west coast look
    seds' looked more like a straight to me though
  20. evade one

    evade one Member

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    had to go with vinnie paz. simple but dope