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Weekly throwie battle - Your Name

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Bazer, Oct 7, 2007.

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whos paints there name the best?

  1. tonentink

  2. knowme

  3. fube

  1. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    get off your asses and paint like these guys you pussys!

    tonentink (toser)
    [Broken External Image]:

    Knowme (knome)
    [Broken External Image]:

    Fube (see)
    View attachment 308065

    ***WEEKLY THROWUP BATTLE (Advanced/Toy)***

    WORD: Kunta

    SPECIFICS: 3 colors max. paper or wall.

    DEADLINE: Fri. October 12th

    RULES: This battle is for writers of any skill level. No digital modifications. One entry per person.

    MOD IN CHARGE: 1nonly Baze
  2. Oaklander

    Oaklander Senior Member

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    Hahaha tonen bombed someone's house!

  3. bOxcaR

    bOxcaR Senior Member

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    yo thats whack if he did
    voted for fube
  4. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    so fucking sorry dude, my friend decided at the last minute to not sleep over and i dont know my way around well enough to not get caught if some shit goes down
    seriously sorry though
  5. eTAW

    eTAW Senior Member

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    ahaha wow thats fucked up

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    knowme nice n clean just luved it, toser u outta get ur ass beat if dat was sum 1's crib
  7. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    Fube all the way
  8. Apple pie

    Apple pie Senior Member

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    Hey! Thats my house!

    FUBE takes the beancake.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2007
  9. Casa45

    Casa45 Senior Member

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    Lube My Fube!!!!
  10. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    i'd only hit a dudes house if i had beef with him. now homeboy's gotta get some house paint that matches, and buff that before he gets a "graffiti ticket". dont take these battles to serious man, paint battles never get a huge turnout which to me is wrong but thats just how it is.

    edit: went with knowme cus kid is ill anyway, and im not voting for a hollow. and its on some dudes house. come on man we taught u better nukka.
  11. Ascendant

    Ascendant Senior Member

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    Fube did some crazy stuff. I should have gone for Tonentink, his was good but unloved.
  12. harry

    harry Senior Member

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    tonentinks was extremely SHIT and it was on some ones house that kids a fuck head and hes toy as hell i went for kno me
  13. pope43

    pope43 Member

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    voted for fube
  14. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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  15. ForOhWun

    ForOhWun Senior Member

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    FUBE, Knowme did you use one of them calligraphy caps ?
  16. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    I voted fube......I swear iv seen knowme's throwie in another battle....
  17. Derogatory9o5

    Derogatory9o5 Senior Member

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    Had to go with fube(see) Just the best style . S was confusing at first but w/e
  18. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    if that's somebody's house, then it's tiny as shit. i seriously doubt it is. there's millions of buildings with roofs like that that are just used for storage and other stuff.

    chill the fuck out people.
  19. knowme

    knowme Senior Member

    • Messages: 376
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    i did same colours similar style on the same wall for the sir'ved battle. it's the fuckaround wall of my studio.

    and for the bloke asking if i used a calligraphy cap, yeah, the local $2 cans come with em and i don't really mind using them at all.
  20. I_AM_SEK

    I_AM_SEK New Member

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    im gonna go wit Fube