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Weirdest Graff Related Story

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Thief, May 25, 2004.

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  1. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    i lost that when i was like 8 and saw a cop beating the shit out of one of my moms friends. who happened to be a writer..
  2. mind.or.matter

    mind.or.matter Senior Member

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    I was paintin some truck at this factory by my place and some workers came out and yelled at me, i stuffed a can of black (with the tip still on) in my pocket and ran around the corner of the building and hid in some bushes, but how i was sittin my legs were bent enough to put some pressure on the tip and black paint just drips all over my pants. So now i have some jeans with a long black streak goin down my left leg. :ph34r:
  3. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    ^^ hiding in bushes = bad idea
    bushes are noisy if you make even the slightest move.
  4. narcotiks

    narcotiks Senior Member

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    where do you live?
  5. mind.or.matter

    mind.or.matter Senior Member

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    i know, and thats why i didnt move when i felt the paint dripping down my leg.
  6. Acroe

    Acroe Member

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    where do you live? [/b][/quote]
    in MA
  7. Vivalarevolution

    Vivalarevolution Member

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    Quoted for truth. I never even smoked, and I have fucked up lungs because my gramma smoked a good pack or so a day, and I got secondhand smoke, such fun.
  8. G-RAF

    G-RAF Senior Member

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    but being drunk gives you extra strength so drink up kids!

    no really, from personal experience when i bike to my friends house, i would struggle but by the end of the night at aroung 4 am i would bikehome wasted and it would be fun...way better than walkin home cuz then by the time you get there, ud probly pass out on the sidewalk
  9. _Dust_

    _Dust_ Senior Member

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    my dad used to smoke 5 packs a day and we were going broke because of it but hes quit now so ive got bad lungs cause i used to always hang with him
  10. Inkarnate

    Inkarnate New Member

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    man, you should have tagged the cop car
  11. clockworkfuse

    clockworkfuse Elite Member

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    my friend got beat up by a cop. and afterwards the cop got a restraining order on him haha.. pussy
  12. b4t0g

    b4t0g Senior Member

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    Haha thats pretty fucked up
  13. clockworkfuse

    clockworkfuse Elite Member

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    yah the cop broke his nose... and he lost his contacts...and his lip ring got ripped out..
  14. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    my mate was getting pounded by this cop, and his homies walked round the corner, that cop regretted it. i think he woke up next morning with loads of cuts and bruises complete naked chained to two lamposts (between them) with about 5-6 cuffs on each arm and chains.

    he regretted it.
  15. Tick

    Tick Member

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    amasing stories

    i am so bored that i read all the stories haha great shit ;D
  16. vman

    vman Elite Member

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    shutup trance you homosexual
  17. TesT_NV

    TesT_NV Member

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    nun too big.. we were bombing a highway barrier/wall, old man pass by us, he stops(we thought he was gonna book us) but he just said.. "u guys best keep six" asked for some change, admired the work and left:S
  18. TAN_ONE

    TAN_ONE Senior Member

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    thats fucking funny that the defence ive allways used
  19. everlasting

    everlasting Senior Member

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    if that true thats hilarious
  20. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

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    ouch... ive been in fights before and my contacts have never fallen out before... idk