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What A Girl Can Do

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Code_sucht, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Code_sucht

    Code_sucht Banned

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    They can break you down so easily.

    It is not something so easily forgiveable.

    Tell how your girl hurt you..
  2. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    i got the point
  3. DiStOrTiOn

    DiStOrTiOn Senior Member

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    only had two girlfriends i really really cared for, one fucked me over hard,i thought everything was fine and dandy then she broke up with me, no explanation, couple days later shes with some some gay ass 19 yr old, she was 16 <_<
  4. dest-ne

    dest-ne Senior Member

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    its only gay if ur a girl :lol:

    my ex was an amazing artist
    from graff to acrylics

    November 2 11:31 pm
    she said she loved me for the first time

    14 days later she went on a trip up north
    came back with a whole nother attitude twords life itself
    decided that she didnt realy love me

    i think she became a lesbian
    shes always holding hands and kissing girls
  5. dripz

    dripz Elite Member

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    pussy whiped
  6. dest-ne

    dest-ne Senior Member

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  7. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    after dating for 3/12 years and having the best relationship imaginable, i went out on mybrithday. just a could friends took me out to kick back drink some beer play some pool that type of shit. well anyway one of my friends sam was there. He and my girl had been talking for a couple months before this and it kinda bugged me cuz sam has a tendency to get girls to cheat on their boyfriends with him. Anyway, me and him were like best friends. he kinda got me into grffiti before he quit as well.
    Anyway, that night, i go to ssay hi to my girl, and she breaks up with me. no reason, she didnt seemupset, she jsut said its over. Next day i find out, her and Sam had been sneakin around a bit under my nose and that she left me for him. LEft me on my birthday after 3 1/2 years for my best friend.
    After a while we started talking again, her and sam were no longer together. still hvnt talked to him, but me and my girl started talkin and we hooke dup a couple times at various parties and she told me she loved me and she wanted to be with me. Being the idiot tat i am, i beleived her. BUt for some reason she wouldnt get back with me. I tried and tried and tried for literally months. But it was always not now. We kept hooking up, and then all of a sudden one day, bam, shes with some new guy. After never doing anything like that for the 3 years we were together. Still hurts
  8. vman

    vman Elite Member

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    Girls can do alot to a guy, a girl has got one of my bestfriends so whipped its unbeliveable.Hes pretty much turned into Tron off of fubar, or that niel guy off you,me&dupree.
  9. peng.2

    peng.2 Senior Member

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    girls, girls, girls.....i learned that no matter how much you like/love somebody, you cant make them want you now its all bout smashin hoes and not givin a fuck bout whos feelings get not sayin that you shouldnt have a special chik but you gotta do sumtin between gurls B)...cuz if you do all that romantic suff and tell each "i love you" then somones gonna get hurt in the end
  10. dest-ne

    dest-ne Senior Member

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    i understand

    but people throw the word love around so much it dosent mean shit when it gets from one person to another anymore

    real love is like matter ya kno?
    its in this reality where once it exists it cannot be destroid

    only manipulated
    and change due to the situation

    but thats only the real shit
    and that stuff is expencive

    im not to fond of
    "smashing hoes"
    i like to actualy know the chick

    smashing comes later

  11. AT AT

    AT AT Senior Member

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    i dated a girl in the sixth grade . she was cool . i dated her for 8 months . but not that pussy ''lets go to the movies omg shit '' we would like hang out and shit . then i just broke up with her and she really liked me . but whatever she can rot . shes prettty hot now so i was an idiot
  12. Mommywonthugme

    Mommywonthugme Senior Member

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    Fuck them, I guess its all a love hate relationship, Every relationships iv been in i have been cheated on, its wack but thats why i don't trust women, or anyone really. You should live life for yourselves and if girls think cheating you is going to make them happy they probably are going to do it, same goes with guys, haha you will probably see my post in a few days when i find out my girl of 2 years goes to a rave, does e and fucks around with some random dude for drugs. But until then think goood thoughts.
  13. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    She obviously told you that over some form of Instant Messaging...Elsewise you wouldn't be so precise with your time. That's rather sad if you ask me. Hiding behind a computer screen to express your emotions? Fuck that.

    My girl broke up with me on our 23 month anniversary...a week after I'd paid for a plane ticket for her to fly out on vacation with me....Wretched Hag. <_< She's now what I like to call "Der Wunderschlut." Props if you speak German too!
  14. oblivios

    oblivios Senior Member

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    lmao we should start another thread..."what did u do back???"
    my friend of friend was dating this chik for 4 years than she dumped him straight up for his cuzin or some shit...he went and pieced her house "bitchasshoe" than put handstyles all over it ripping on her...if i ever get pix ill put em up
  15. aerosolhaze

    aerosolhaze Senior Member

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    i had the best girl in the world and she moved to japan, she came back for a week which was fun but i was fucked in the head for a little while after she left.
  16. oblivios

    oblivios Senior Member

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    that sucks man...why the fuk would she move to japan?? was she to tight to handle even a white dick so she needed to moove on to the asians?? ;)
  17. ISSUe

    ISSUe Member

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    I remember this one time this girl did something... and I didn't whine about it on the internet because I knew nobody gave a shit.
  18. oblivios

    oblivios Senior Member

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    lol well he made a thread for other people to post so clearly some fucks do give a shit...sik sig btw!
  19. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    Fuck...dont even wanna talk about it. First "girlfriend" I had, I played it kinda stupid. She liked me, so I was like "fine whatever" just kinda flattered that she liked me and shit. Went out for a while, then I started to kinda really like her too. Well like as soon as I start falling for her, she breaks it off for no reason, and acts like a cold ass bitch. Then I didnt know what to do, and I kinda wanted to get back with her and shit. Because Im not good with this emotion biz, so she was the first girl who ever really threw me off.

    And I just recently found out she tried to make out with my best friend while we were going out, and I was IN THE NEXT FUCKING ROOM. So I dont give a fuck anymore.

    Lesson learned though, dont trust women with you heart and shit.
  20. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    this one time, i flat out bricked in this girls mouth, and she just left me for no reason, like what the fuck?!?!?!?