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What age were you when you started graffiti?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skog1, Jan 22, 2017.

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  1. Skog1

    Skog1 Member

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    Hey i was just wondering how old you all were when you started doing graffiti. I have been sketching graffiti on paper for some time now. I am going to wait for 2 years until i reach 18 before i go out and bomb as i don't want to cause any family members to suffer if i get caught. :)
  2. UpstageBadger

    UpstageBadger Member

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  3. 0113

    0113 Senior Member

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    Put in my first shitty toy tags at the age of 15, but not started really till I was 17.
  4. "ZOALZ"

    "ZOALZ" Senior Member

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    at the age of 13, yet i have been actually doing graffiti for no more that 5-7 months
  5. DyS$kyse

    DyS$kyse Banned

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    i started when i was eleven on paper and then a year later started tagging in my city or the city next to my town
  6. aus

    aus Member

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    At 12 I thought about doing it. When I was 13, I started, and I bombed. (Still am 13 xD)
  7. Jilbo

    Jilbo Member

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    I started at 12.
  8. SKECE

    SKECE Member

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    Sketching since I was 11, tagging since I was 14/15.
  9. sKuNkTOthe3

    sKuNkTOthe3 Member

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    Honestly? Like 7-8 years old, probably. Growing up in the 80's!
  10. Denlo

    Denlo Senior Member

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    Started sketching in primary school, bombing the trains in Newcastle at 12-13, piecing at about 16. Still piecing at 36 although not as much these days. Traveling around Australia, just spent 3 weeks in Melbourne and seeing some of the awesome work down there has got me inspired to get into it again. Living in western Sydney now. Am I too old for this shit? Nah, surely not!
  11. Z3R0

    Z3R0 Member

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    Age 11, or so, got quick fast passing notes with my tagging buddies in school learning to flow, was doing murals by 14
  12. clineee!

    clineee! Senior Member

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    16, destroying my town with the freshest handstyles. Fuck your pieces, go get a graffiti coloring book or something
  13. ESONE.

    ESONE. Senior Member

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    Around 14 on and off between the years. Still dont write on a daily
  14. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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  15. KADES

    KADES Member

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    10 or 11 I think
  16. DoZi

    DoZi Member

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    Started tagging at three after seeing all the art in la. Didn’t really know it was graffiti but still been doin it a long ass time.
  17. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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    Yeah I was tagging since I was born
  18. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    I'm 38 bro & my wife says I'm too old. She even gets pissed when I spend money on markers and what not but doesn't complain when I keep the kids occupied with drawing lol. You're never too old for what you love, Graff is a life long journey. Started when I was about 12- 13.
  19. Derschauer

    Derschauer Member

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    I start painting when was 26 - didnt count few logos and tags that i made as kid. But age dsnt metter, more important is to find yourselfe in sheet that is called life and graff is one of the many differents ways to just be. But Think that all of u know that allready ;)
  20. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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    I started when I met a kid from LA on an Outward Bound camping trip in Oregon and we saw a train that he had painting in an LA train yard and he was so blown away he couldn't even really talk for a while! I was hooked after that. That was 1989 and was 16..