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What Are You Drinking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LOST, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    dude i just had like 10 mgms n sum jack danials wiht ma friend whohad about the same much... we just left from ma friends bakyard wher we wer havin a bondfire thing... shit we are both drunk n we r walkin home and a fukin cop car pulls outa nowhere while we are on a 2 way intersection.... frinds on the fone and we see the cop, throw our beers and sprint... we try 2 hide behind a bushh n a fence in sumones yard... the cop screechs to a stop and turn into the driveway so we fukin bolt towards a fence, jump it, run, jump another, run, and come to a fukin 8 foot wooden fence and just fukin hurdle it... we r both standin ther n we hear 'they jumped the fence, drive around' we fukin bolt into sum woods and we see a cop on foot opening the gate to the fence and lookin around, we r behind a big ass tree and a rock peekin out, and we see the cop car pull up a min later n turns on the spotlite... we are like fuk n just lay there.... like after 5 minutes my dumbass friend turns over and snaps a twig... 1 of the cops hears it n points the lite rite at the rock and we just see the fukin light on all sides of us, scared shitless amidst our drunkeness... then a fukin miracle happns n a raccon fukin comes down a tree... we are like wtf and we hear the cop 'it was only a coon, lets go down this road... n he faded off cuz he got in the car n pulled away

    as soon as they leave we just dash back to ma crib... the end
  2. \(SIN)/

    \(SIN)/ Elite Member

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    ha, better be nice to raccons now

    im drinking mountain dew, again!
  3. freka

    freka Senior Member

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    ribena mmmm yummy
  4. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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  5. stocker

    stocker Senior Member

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  6. FWBMeth

    FWBMeth Senior Member

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    a couple of vodka coolers
  7. MacDreRIP11104

    MacDreRIP11104 Senior Member

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  8. MacDreRIP11104

    MacDreRIP11104 Senior Member

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    I knew racoons came in handy.
  9. Stewe

    Stewe Senior Member

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    ima ruin the whole liquor thing and tell the truth here im drinkin a damn vault..good ish i drink like 5 a day
  10. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    im drinking cancer.
  11. tremulant

    tremulant Senior Member

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    water works miracles when you're sick.
  12. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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  13. shamee1991

    shamee1991 Elite Member

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  14. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    cider the cheaper the better

    whti2e cider is where its that!
    either that or merrydown
  15. Skesh

    Skesh Elite Member

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    Orange Juice :ph34r:
  16. vegimite on prescription drugs

    vegimite on prescription drugs Member

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  17. KrookONE

    KrookONE Senior Member

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    kool-aid of thick it flows like molasses
  18. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    im drinking dr. pepper mixed with 7 up now.
  19. KoOl-AiD

    KoOl-AiD Senior Member

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  20. Kerf1

    Kerf1 Member

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    ew :blink: