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What do toy's listen to?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Deja805, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. NaRsyONE*

    NaRsyONE* Senior Member

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    No I hate people who act like real jackass that's what I meant.n I'm glad to see everyone was so happy I left. lol... :(
  2. tahsk570

    tahsk570 Member

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    Jazz, Hip Hop, Metal, Blues.
  3. dim

    dim Elite Member

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    lauryn hill
    the fugees
    the roots
    erykah badu
    jill scott
    mos def
    mf doom
    little bit of necro here and there
  4. kausone

    kausone Member

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    ah shit
    well anything doomtree puts out
    like pos and sims and whatever
    and then its like
    the hope conspiracy
    cold world
    trash talk
    pulling teeth
  5. a maze

    a maze Banned

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    I like the metal myself-

    Iron Maiden
    Led Zeppelin
    more, just can't think.

    and a little Punk-
    Social Distortion
    Dead Kennedys
    shit like that...
  6. letsg0skate

    letsg0skate Senior Member

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  7. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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    I listen to Grunge and Death Metal
  8. Brazy 770

    Brazy 770 Member

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    everything except country. i cant think at all when thats on.
  9. done4625

    done4625 Member

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    i have a big have to say typical cats or A tribe called quest gets me in the mood to paint and some Bob marely. Also get 2pac, Nas, some metal as the devil wears prada, a skylit drive, and hopes die last.
    -Brazy770- whats wrong with country? haha can get some johnny cash or some willy nelson rollin while u sketch sometime. (she thinks my tractors sexy)- haha!
  10. payaso

    payaso Member

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    immortal technique is the shit!
  11. Loz emlintio

    Loz emlintio Senior Member

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    mostly metal:

    Linkin Park
    Limp Bizkit

    when i'm taggin:
    Scratch Perverts
    Snoop Dogg
    and all that jazz....
  12. Rulz

    Rulz Member

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    i listen to the grass grow...

    naw just joking
    Aceyolone,De La Soul (old school i know),Nirvana,Talib Kweli,Del the funkee homosapien,Skindred,McChris.
    my music genres are sorta mixed together

    NICCSACC Banned

    • Messages: 2,216
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    saafir, tommy wright III, manson family, killah priest, psychodrama, hydrotherapy, payroll, thirstin howl III, warcloud, evil pimp, pantera...
  14. Reason To-Shine

    Reason To-Shine Senior Member

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    When i'm bombing usually heavier types of music, mostly:
    The Fall Of Troy
    Dance Gavin Dance

    nothing like loud music to get you pumped...

    When i'm sketching I listen to more laid back type music, mostly:
    The Matches

    another plus - the lyrics give me good ideas...
  15. rel

    rel Senior Member

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    Know what I noticed a while ago?
    The electric cymbals (cymbols?) in "Crips" by Ratatat sound like spraypaint cans.
  16. M3KA1!

    M3KA1! Elite Member

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    you kids needa let some ska into yo life.
  17. JSBiggz

    JSBiggz Senior Member

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    A Tribe Called Quest, Deltron, De La Soul, Gorrillaz, 311, Sublime, Beatles, The View, The Fratellis, RingSide, OK Go, CobraStarship, Modest Mouse, Queen...just to name a few
  18. BombingSciences Bitch

    BombingSciences Bitch Senior Member

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  19. okneeder

    okneeder New Member

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    blood brothers
    big d and the kids table
    leftover crack
    choking victim
    no cash
    operation ivy

    mf doom
  20. Dresden

    Dresden Member

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    Hahaha another Stza fan!

    In general I like alot of Punk, Ska, Metal or hip hop.

    Leftover Crack/ Morning glory, Minor Threat, Beans, Dead Milkmen, Germs, Slayer,

    When I'm messing around in my black book, I'll listen to stuff like Wu-Tang, Zack De La Rocha, Aesop Rock, etc.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2008