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What do you think about guns?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Obiz_BFM, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Obiz_BFM

    Obiz_BFM Senior Member

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    I love them i hunt and shoot skeet i all around love to shoot any gun i can anytime i can!
  2. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    I have like 6. All for hunting

    Remington 12gauge
    CT Thompson Pro Hunter
    CT Thompson Triumph
    30 ott 6
    and one more that i cant think of
  3. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    Saving up for a Beretta 92 FS
  4. Obiz_BFM

    Obiz_BFM Senior Member

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    i have 287 diffrent guns lol one is a custom browning citori 12 gauge with subguage tubes with nickel plated receiver, a custom fit buttpadd fit for me so its not canted with extended choketubes...yeah i know my guns. i shot my first gun wen i was 4 years old
  5. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    Second Amendment

    The way this country is trying to warp gun laws into more restrictions and taxes levied against gun owners. Obama voted to increase ammunition prices for .22LR 500%! What does that do to stop a criminal drug dealer, who has a stack of money to buy what he needs, 15+1 for a clip. All that does is affect normal hunters, usually middle class folk who now are being charged more, in the pretense of making guns and ammo so expensive for this criminal dealers.

    Does that make any fucking sense?

    In a personal sense, the Second Amendment happen to me one of my strong points. When I get stopped by the police occasionally, they comment about the shotgun shell attached to my keys, and probe "Do you have a gun on you now?" "Do you have guns at home?"

    Yea. I do.

    "Whats the kind make and model, Why do you have a gun"

    Its protected by the constitution, the reasons are mine and the kind is none of your business.

    My home is well protected, when it does down to it should we have to live in a society awash with guns where we have to be armed to protect ourselves? No, but that's the way it is, so am I going to keep a pistol in my couch? You bet.


    12 Gauge
    .22 Revolver
    .357 Magnum, that's the beast.
    .40 Glock
  6. .A.K.4.7.

    .A.K.4.7. Elite Member

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  7. Obiz_BFM

    Obiz_BFM Senior Member

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    this is the best saying it makes the best sense

    An armed socity is a polite socity!
  8. realtalk

    realtalk Senior Member

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    AK how much did that cost?
  9. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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  10. 99%Shit

    99%Shit Senior Member

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    yeah uh, GangStarr
    Crack Man, M.O.P. uh, BX, Brooknam, haha come on
    living legends, ya heard me?
    yeah uh yo uh

    I got seven Mac 11s about eight .38
    Nine nines, Mac 10s
    man this shit never end
    Even if the apple won't spin
    I reach in my back pocket and blast you with this twin
    *****z yellin out the window "Joe's at it again"
    But this bastard's got lawyers, keep him outta the pen
    I mean feds wanna knock me just cuz I'm cocky
    An arrogant fuck, wave "Hi" when they watch me
    Can't stop me everytime official
    Better find my residuals or this nine gon' lift you
    "He was a fine individual" what the papers scriptured
    Had him on the front page in his graduation pictures
    And they probably never hit you if you brought your glock
    Me and my gat like Wilson, we all we got"
    We walk the scorchin blocks with the hawk on top
    Even if the old ladies love to call the cops
    I got guns

    [Lil' Fame]
    You got, he got, they got
    M dot, O dot, P my ***** we got guns
    Big ones, extra large heat
    Humongous shit that won't fit up under your car seat
    Pop in a heart beat
    Keep the cannon in my reach
    Lay you flat on your back like you was tannin on the beach
    We keep them damn thangs full of hollows
    And I'm from Christopher bitch, bang with the Wallace
    Fit raw this ***** you ain't loco
    You're buttocks big boy, your heart pumps Sunoco
    Brownsville deep in my genes
    I show you +bad boy+ for real, keep thinkin shit is +Peaches and Cream+
    We'll run you down, MO-Ps hunt ya down
    Gun ya down, guns sing like blaow
    Raise up cock pot my biscuit for my ***** O.G. had quick shit
    We got guns

    We got, we got, they got (GUNS!)
    Crazy ill, man rowdy
    I gots it locked
    Bringin the noise, bringin the funk, pop the lock
    But only if you feel this shit
    We got, we got, they got (GUNS!)
    Crazy ill, man rowdy
    I gots it locked
    Bringin the noise, bringin the funk

    Nowadays my priorities ain't based on fun
    I'm tryna cop some more property and in case of them guns
    Sick society's got Guru protectin his fam
    Fuck Prudential, I got my own protection plan
    Respect me man, I'm on a mission so to speak
    You're too dumb to play your position so unique
    I'll trade 'way your meat faggot vacate the streets
    GangStarr, First Fam, and TS, we way deep
    And even if you had a thought to move on us
    Our fire power will devour, bitch you'll chew on dust
    Slow death, no rep, hollows have you gaspin
    You rich just for you, he got a lavish casket
    Call us savage bastards usin all means necessary
    It's only customary
    It's you we got to bury
    We'll dead your homo thug network
    Head shots make your head jerk
    My marksman on the roof, he's an expert

    [Billy Danze]
    Who got a problem? It's already been established
    I'll come through your town with a pound like a savage
    Still throwin down on the grounds that I'm average
    Can I hear for a gangster? YEAH *****
    It's always some shit but it's always a clip
    to re-route your doubts and see what you about
    Your homeboy's a snitch and your bossman's a bitch
    We takin over these bricks (IS THAT SO?)
    Doin underhanded shit, I'll shoot you in your abdomen
    You fraud, you're movin like a broad with this faggot shit
    And you deserve a hole
    in the back of your motherfuckin head the doctor can't fix
    on the concrete, we palm heat like soldiers
    Spit one in your whip and flip your shit over
    Keep in mind whatever the nine spit
    It's only as good as the ***** behind it bitch
    We got guns
  11. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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  12. Obiz_BFM

    Obiz_BFM Senior Member

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  13. cause

    cause Senior Member

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    30.06, 12 ga, 20 ga, m-44, 22, s&w45, amt bakup 40.

    i want a mini-14

    i fuckin hate california i cant have any of the cool shit i really want.
  14. DestroyLA

    DestroyLA Senior Member

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  15. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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    Well I just tried to write a list of pros and cons but I'm too tired, ultimately, guns can be fun to shoot off, but they suck a little more than not suck.
  16. ..LAZRS...

    ..LAZRS... Senior Member

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    springfield xd .45 compact

    and dont get the beretta 9, garbage. i read a story where this cop it took him 17 rounds to drop a dude, 9's are nice but wtf 17 rounds. if i was goign 9 id go glock 21c or the new xd that hold 19+1
  17. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    There has been a ton of armed robberies in my area and the cops aren't doing a fucking thing about it, so Im arming myself. Some little prick tries breaking into my house and packing, im going American History X style. (not in a racist way)
  18. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    Gun laws only apply to the people who follow them. Look at Switzerland, everyone is given a gun and has the lowest crime rate.
  19. neb3636

    neb3636 Banned

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    What do you mean by everyone is given a gun in switzerland haha? how does that work?
  20. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    They serve in the army for two years and the government gives each household a gun.

    Thinking of robbing that house in Switzerland?