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What does your name mean?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Zayus, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. scoot

    scoot Elite Member

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    alcoholic -> Holik

    thats exacally what mine means

    GOVKILLZ Member

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    i write GOVKILLZ cuz goverment killz...
  3. Genghis Tron.

    Genghis Tron. Senior Member

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    Dork. I'm not too sure, I just chose it because it sounds cool. But should I change it ? Because there is a Dork in S.T.D apparently, is STD that popular?

    GOVKILLZ Member

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    bro write what you wanna write just dont bite off any onez style
  5. Facedorateur

    Facedorateur Senior Member

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    STD seems pretty popular.
    Changed my named from SMILE to GRIN
    I had to many letters and im a lazy guy
  6. Genghis Tron.

    Genghis Tron. Senior Member

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    Eh I don't even care that much, it's whatever.
  7. impulse555

    impulse555 Member

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    IMPULSE cause every one tells me im to hyper and have to many impulses... plus i like the comic
  8. DeTR

    DeTR Member

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    I write DeTR just kinda my favorite letters but also I (and you kids, too) gotta catalyze the world. too much monotony and shit goin 'round. I'm tired of all that. we gotta rise up and DeTeR the norm. see? DeTR, deter. haha. I'm pretty much epic, right? but you kids PM me if you from florida. and dont forget what i said. DeTR
  9. MaTtBoY

    MaTtBoY Member

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    I write Meta; I have a passion for philosophy, namely metaphysics. I was in class taking some notes on metaphysics and as I was writing real fast I noticed the "meta" part came out kinda cool. I then chose it as my name to write. Before that I was writing a different name every week (in my blackbook of corse) trying out different letters n stuff. I've now been with this name for about 4 months and will prolly stick with it. Lots of nice negative space to work with.
  10. DeTR

    DeTR Member

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    liken that mattboy. thats the best way to pick a name. kool letters, and a good meaning behind it. are you in U.S.A?
  11. g1ll

    g1ll Member

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    i write guest. fucked around with a incredible amount of names and it just fits, plus you should treat your guests with respect. and technically anything i do is a guest on sum1 elses property, so guest it is folks. as for my crew name, es, Easy Street, lifes easy shit goes well, and its a dope ass crew name. guestes
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2008
  12. just graffiti

    just graffiti Senior Member

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    heks. means like magical powers and good fortune and shit.
  13. Nervous?

    Nervous? Member

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    I write al1, al-one, or alone. Thats why I put the one in there, it actually spells my name lol. I write alone because I'm the only person in the entire city who writes.
  14. Neg_INFLUENZ

    Neg_INFLUENZ Guest

    i keep switchin, started with my name, then my initials "BAM", then loop, then bam again, now 5000 SOB. I think its kinda cool but i only got it cousin my cousin used to write and on my bar mitzvah picture thing he wrote "Good Job" but it really looked like it said 5000 Sob.
  15. Aker.ATK

    Aker.ATK Member

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    Aker was an ancient Egyptian god, depicted as a lion with two human heads. It guarded the horizons, which were the gates of the underworld in the Egyptian mythology. Also, Aker is a different spelling of acre, meaning i bomb acre by acre :p.
  16. atlok7

    atlok7 Elite Member

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  17. underground_queen93

    underground_queen93 New Member

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    My name <noire> is the feminine version of the french word noir which means black or darkness. So i guess it kind of means black girl.
  18. Cadaver

    Cadaver Senior Member

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    And my name UTRIP is the slovene word for pulse or beat.
  19. Furious-StyleZ

    Furious-StyleZ Senior Member

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    HUAE= Hawaii....dats were im from
  20. Ziggy455

    Ziggy455 Member

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    Love your silent bob sig man.

    Anyway onto my answer, i like the name ziggy and so i chose it...i might change it when i find a much more provocative name and until then its ZIGZ