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What dont you like about graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalf, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    the way this thread is spelt.
  2. sector seven

    sector seven New Member

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    i hate the racism of graff in my area it seems like u gotta be mexican or white to be a "legit"graff writer so yea i hate that
  3. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    nice first post, you shall do well here.
  4. AK - EmK

    AK - EmK New Member

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    i dont like the fact that writers are seen as criminals, but then again it adds to the fun of it.
  5. renk

    renk Member

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    being paranoid
  6. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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    Pricks like me that are full of them selve's <SP? . Im proud of that anway
  7. guevarajoan

    guevarajoan New Member

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    I am doing a research about graffiti and i need help. Could anyone answer these questions and add anything you want( opinion, thoughts, story, experience) i will appreciate it. Thanks and if anyone is interested in sending me a replay this is my e-mail
    1. What are you discovering about subcultures?about what
    characterizes or constitutes a subculture, or what function a
    subculture performs in culture, or the contesting nature of
    subculture? What is being resisted? What are the goals, hopes,
    arguments, agendas of members of subcultures?
    2. Who is writing about these subcultures?journalists, historians,
    sociologists, media experts, cultural theorists, etc.?and what claims
    and arguments are they making?
    3. What names re-occur in your sources? What figures, theorists,
    scholars inform writers? claims, arguments and analyses?
    4. Why should anyone in 2007 care about what you are discovering?
    5. Where (and how) will you enter the ?conversation?? What questions
    might you ask and how will your claims/answers contribute to the
  8. notorious

    notorious Member

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    i love everything about graff
    i love hearing people go "i wonder who did that"
    i love the adrenaline i get after throwing something up
    i love the feeling you get seeing your own shit around town
  9. toke_wdc

    toke_wdc Elite Member

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    oh yeah i also hate it when people get pissed off at you because you won't "teach" them how to write.....
  10. -Sinn-

    -Sinn- Senior Member

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    sounds like a lil piggy to me
  11. sactown916trainrat

    sactown916trainrat Member

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    getiting chased by union yard pd sucks, dealing with sport jocks out tagging with gay ass little sharpie markers, and others thinking were all a buntch of low life people. but even this crap is ok to deal with just cause graffiti is a drug i cant and wont stop.
  12. dreddysocks

    dreddysocks Senior Member

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    I love everything that comes with Graffiti except for the beef, beef is wack everyone should just get high,be peaceful and respect each others shit ,but thats never gonna happen so fuckit watever
  13. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    I hate having to run cause i tagged in a gang territory and 15latinos now wants my head
  14. REPZ

    REPZ Member

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    Look at the rude boy tagging gang territory , Honestly who gives a toss
  15. AWE-Lewiff

    AWE-Lewiff Member

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    that its illegal and "vandalism" when your making shitty plaves look good
  16. bdizzle69

    bdizzle69 New Member

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    haha damn strait yo they needs to be more ppl like you out there
  17. *MAGIC*

    *MAGIC* Member

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    i know i hate beef and the risks you have to take when you graff
  18. Urah

    Urah Senior Member

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    I hate comming on the 905 thread and not seeing pics, but idiots yammering bullshit back and forth over the internet at eachother like anything they say is ever going to make a differance in the world. I hate Getting buffed. I hate graffiti politics. I also hate new kids, with no respect, who just throw their grabage hollow throwies and their janky little one lines over top pf full blown peices and productions. I hate a lot of thing actually, but I'll stop there, leave some for other dudes to bitch about.
  19. FuGu

    FuGu Senior Member

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    I hate when people ask me to "teach" them
    I hate hitting high spots and dropping my paint over the edge
    I hate the disrespect
    I hate when THE CITY goes over LEGAL spots set up by the city
    I hate the grey goon squad *the buffers of this city*
    I hate when toys go over my work
    I hate when tips clog
    I REALLY HATE when the local hard wear store over charges for paint.

    thats it for now
  20. ...Syerf

    ...Syerf Senior Member

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    I hate when when people ask me to teach them and they loose interest cuz they think they arent good enough or they realize its harder then it looks(so i basically wasted my time).
    I hate when someone i helped out bites their style from the net and claims they are better then me:mad:
    I hate when i waste my money on a cheap as color.(doesnt happen as much anymore at least cuz i kinda know whats what)
    I hate when my cans rattle in my car and people ask about them over and over again.
    I hate people who think all writers/crews are gangs.
    I hate paying to much for my cans.
    I REALLY hate the risks and the fact that i have to hide it from my parents and eveyone else who dont write, besides a coupla freinds.
    I hate when people know i write and i have no clue how they know.
    I hate when my friends tell others about writin, or tell them about me. I basically dont like allotta people knowin.
    I hate beef but I really hate pointless beef from people who just like starting beef...assholes.
    I hate "writers" with no common sense or think they are top shit.
    I hate when people write/get into writing to get others to think they are cooler.
    I hate people who tell for a lighter punishment.
    I hate dropping paint and breaking lids.
    I hate bums who tell me how nice my shit is(legal spots) then ask me for cash like im supposed to pay for the compliment.
    I hate worrying about getting caught.
    I hate when the people who know that arent supposed to ask me when im goin bombing out loud in front of everyone.
    After that, i say "wtf are you talkin about ;)" and they dont take a clue. I hate that.
    I hate noisy ass mostly empty cans. I give them to my friends who wanna practice.
    I hate hating, and I'm sorry for putting certain aspects of graf down.:(
    I hate...thats all for now. hahaha.
    *not really hate, and i know i sound like a hater, but its more of things that arent as good bout graf. figured id share my thoughts but stay on subject.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2007