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What dont you like about graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalf, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    this! i know this one greedy ass bitch and all he does when he hits handstyles, is goes "that shit looks so fuckin raw! damn that shits so dope! look at that shit! give me your phone real quick!" hand him my phone... he snaps a picture. sends it to his email. posts it on his facebook. like you fucking faggot get a life.
  2. dubbed

    dubbed Senior Member

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    on fb? naaaa thats a terrible idea


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    i hate the beef. we should all just join one international crew and just fuckin destroy everything

    also the jail times nowadays. being jailed for 2 years for spraying on a wall?! fuck outta here
  4. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    taking pics of your tags is stupid, and pie, to begin with. doesn't that make bombing obsoleete? when instead of letting people in cars ride by and see your shit, you shove it in their faces on the internet? what is this world coming to? people are killing graff... just let your shit ride on the streets and thats that, if you're truly up, then you can simply let someone see your tag on the street you feel me.
  5. Taganomics

    Taganomics Member

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    Damn bro, I agree with you 250%, but I'm stuck on what can we really do about how fast innovation is moving... I mean sure the good ole days will always be those but, How can graff go to the next level in a sense where graff and artist alike can "expand" to new plateaus that come with innovation?
  6. iamtheone

    iamtheone New Member

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    cerp i hate everything he does. his c is never closed that lazy fucking bastard. and he calls it a "style" i call it lazy toy shit
  7. Peen

    Peen New Member

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    why is there so much lazy shit, i see so many outlines and handstyles, an half of those ar garbage, dont get me wrong, ive seen plenty of good shit, there needs to be more of that
  8. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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  9. Romikxx

    Romikxx Senior Member

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    That'd actually be a sick idea get an international crew and just wreck shit.
    like everyone go out one night in every city of every state of every country and watch how much news we get that'd be fucking crazy
  10. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    ive never heard two years for sprayin on a wall in my life. ive heard of people getting caught in the act on the highway and most they got was 3 months.
  11. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    People who are just beginning and want to show off to friends/every people they'll see that they write, cuz it's cool.

    The police ofcourse, retarded fines that people get nowadays. The momenths that a cop pulls off in a extra-retarded chill spot, by some miracle, and starts comparing it, like you were destroying someones house walls in someones bedroom. Sense makes a lot.

    People who are getting into the game, and want cheap fame by destroying everything with a shitty style, and end up heating up every spot in town.

    Destruction in retarded places. (mostly by toys ofcourse).

    The guys who ego-trip, after they got a few decent walls done, and who believe that they are superstars in a very small scene. If you're out with painting this guy, he just ends up bragging how fresh his wall was for an half and hour, and doesn't accept any kind of critisism.

    Toygroupies are also annoying.

    "Street-artists" who's work is just a 5 minute photoshop crap made on 1000 slaps. Quite stupied most of the time, but jeah, it isn't real graffiti.

    People who think "Banksy is the realest guy out there", and think that real graffiti takes no hard work. (no hate to Banksy, he's a genious, but his fans are annoying sometimes with their retarded statements about graffiti.. something like "it's just a bubble letter, man I did this in middle school, and jeah, with wildstyle, you take just letters and put some arrows on. ***** please.

    Guys like me, who spend time typing in this thread, what's the point?

    People who say shit like "i was drunk/high as fuck" when posting their stuff online, and using it as an excuse for a shitty wall.

    Anti-graffiti people.
  12. MakeItTakeIt

    MakeItTakeIt Senior Member

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    I had a buddy that got caught leavin the scene when he was done, the cops found a piecebook he had with flix of all his and his friends shit. They said max was somethin like 25 years for over $250,000 worth of damage half of which he didnt even do.

    He ended up gettin a lawyer and got off with 6 months. And no, he didn't snitch.

    Point is, the legal system is fucking insane.

    Graffiti isn't a crime, only bad graffiti.
  13. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Hahahah yeah it's fucking stupid. People who do that just want to be popular cunts and admired by people don't know good or bad graffiti rofl.

    ^word ;)
  14. ZONE

    ZONE Senior Member

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    I got tags around my house that are on the palm trees...c'mon...really?

    Shout outs to your gf...lame.
  15. ASHiS

    ASHiS Senior Member

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    I know exactly what your talkin about.. There's no ppl that right in my town either.. I'm the only one!
  16. KAZonee

    KAZonee Senior Member

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    that people come to NYC and jocking our city

    but thats with every writer in new york
  17. ChemDawggyJohnson

    ChemDawggyJohnson Senior Member

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    i dont like the majority of writers, especially in the city im staying in now. for every humble dude who puts in work and has style, theres 50 toys who think there gods gift to earth. also the fact that people say "graffiti art all looks the same to me", when in actuality its probably got some of the widest varieties of styles and techniques compare to other art forms.
  18. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Yeah but toys these days are lil 13 year old metrosexual faggots with a marker that tag and attempt shit for 6 months then don't even bother with graffiti these days. It's just a fad thing nowadays.
  19. himynamesCEL

    himynamesCEL Member

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    The fact that people think you have to be from the hood, only rack supplies, and be fucking amazing at graff to even touch a wall. and really, who cares if you dont steal shit? people make such a big deal over it. damn.
  20. Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub

    Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub Senior Member

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    when people get on thier knees and try to suck my dick in the streets cuz im like nothing short of a miracle when it comes to graff, and everyone starts like hi-fiving me ery where cuz im just that popular and everyone loves me , to be honest i think im like the king of graff or some shit.