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What dont you like about graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalf, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. King Kron

    King Kron Banned

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  2. FuckMcNasty

    FuckMcNasty Senior Member

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    Art faggots who call themselfs writers when all they do is paint permission walls, wheres the fun in that?
  3. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    This thread is lol. You guys need to chill out and give less of a fuck about pretty much everything.

    I hate when people take themselves and graffiti too seriously.
  4. .Cuore

    .Cuore Senior Member

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    hahahahahahaha story of my life
  5. WolfBurrns

    WolfBurrns Senior Member

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  6. Sparky

    Sparky Member

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    I love the excitement involved and creating your "masterpiece"
  7. Hems

    Hems Member

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    the getting up part is the illest shit ever just get drunk and go paint all night this is how we do
  8. webs508

    webs508 Member

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    I cant speak for anyone else but for the past three years or so that ive been writing graffiti has been the most important thing in my life besides my son, if your not serious about it then your not a REAL writer, your a hobbyist
  9. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    i was gonna bite my lip and leave this for the birds... but i just can't

    DON'T LIKE THE GETTING UP PART???? wanna go all city without lifting a finger???

    thats like sitting at home with a tub of vaseline and hoping to get laid.

    i would also like the person above me to clarify what a "real writer" is so i can laugh at him.
  10. webs508

    webs508 Member

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    I knew this was coming lol, i meant that if u dont take it seriously and try to progress then why even write? I guess what i mean is a "Real Writer" is a writer who Is serious and loves graffiti and graff is a huge if not the biggest thing in there life, and not only graff but art, If u wanna laugh go ahead but all i can say is that i dont know any writers who I would call writers who arent serious about it
  11. ONELUV

    ONELUV Member

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    i hate how i got run up on by toys and got hit in the face with a 2x4

    i hate cops fuckin with us we aint causing no harm to the town we making the town beautiful

    fuck the police..fuck bitters..fuck toys..ONELUV for graff all artists stay up on the streets and dont give a fuck
  12. Pickton's Pigpen

    Pickton's Pigpen Elite Member

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    two faced faggot ass writers.
    its a good thing they get jumped and their skulls knocked in.
  13. terf1

    terf1 Member

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    so you were never a toy? you never once took someone elses style? everyone starts as a toy. you should respect toys if they are actually going out there and getting better. most styles are spinoffs of other styles or other styles inspired other styles. and the police are a necessary part of the world. without the police look what we would be doing to each other. graffiti is an art and i agree with some parts. i personally hate cops becuase one didnt know how the fuck to drive and killed my dad when i was in the womb. what i hate... i hate those times where your so paranoid and theres so much people around you have to leave the site and come back later.
  14. FuckMcNasty

    FuckMcNasty Senior Member

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  15. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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  16. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill New Member

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    Going to jail if busted
  17. HankHill

    HankHill Member

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    ^^Who the sam hell is this faggot?
    I tell you what
  18. Juse

    Juse Member

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    Havin my city freak out like what thizzzz it????
  19. Toxia

    Toxia Member

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    Writer's block, toys who think its awesome to cross out or go over good shit, cops and people who don't appreciate giving color to a dull town.
  20. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    Oh yeah, I like where this is going.