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What dont you like about graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalf, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. FuckMcNasty

    FuckMcNasty Senior Member

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    SLushi get a hobbie....
  2. ATAK!:3

    ATAK!:3 Banned

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    i hate it when people bitch about graff being illegal, i love this BECAUSE its illegal. because its outlawed and you gotta fight to do it, thats what makes shit real. graffiti makes shit looks good, and if it was legal everyone would be doing it, and that would suck. only a few people car enough or have big enough balls to stand up for what you love and make your city into something that YOU own. this whole world is supposed to be owned by us and it all looks horrible to me, i just wanna make shit my own is what im getting at i guess, and i hate when people just do it because they wanna fuck stuff up.... theres my two cents i guess
  3. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    .....if you want to "own" part of a city or a whole city, become fuckin mayor, or join a gang. Just because you write your name on something doesnt mean you own it... Graffiti isnt strictly illegal either. And i doubt that you have ever had to fight to do it
  4. ATAK!:3

    ATAK!:3 Banned

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    ok, let me redo this... i hate people who do graffiti just tofuck shit up
  5. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    I like to fuck shit up. I dont like people who bitch about anything graffiti related when theyre new to it/ dont have any bars at it/ dont even paint
  6. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    I doubt captain crunch is gonna come back to this forum now. There aint much i dont like about graffiti at the moment. It doent even feel like a crime any more
  7. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    Stuff I don't like;

    Getting chased
    Getting caught
    Getting snitched
    Getting beef
    Family that doesn't wanna talk to me because Im the scumbag of the family.
    People that are artfags and only do it to make a living out of it.
    People that bitch they are better than me, while they dont even paint.
    Addicted writers, retarded writers, and writers with a big ass ego.
  8. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    getting my hands all dirty and stuff.... yuck!
  9. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    fumes,light-headedness,fucked up breathin............8 years of smoking might not of helped the last one but ive quit for 6weeks now and still cant breathe any better
  10. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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    getting arrested and sitting in that cell overnight.
    i LOVE getting chased
    i LOVE destroying shit
    quantity over quality
    i LOVE beating kids up over graff
    i LOVE getting frostbite on my cap finger in the winter
  11. Eclectic Boogaloo

    Eclectic Boogaloo Senior Member

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    didnt u admit to being form /b/ in the long island thread you queer
  12. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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    people were calling me troll.thats what they wanted to hear.suck a dick muslim
  13. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

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    toy's that stay toys, no improvement in game, kids who never learn bars, the "slim shady" writers that give us all an even worse name, not the tag bangers or w/e the fuck you call it, but the out of place, aesthetically challenged, "tag my back pack" writers. The kids who rock synonymously gang related logos an colors even though they live in decent towns with semi structured upbringings, the kids who fake the fury. best way to put it.
    uhm, late night debates with myself wether what im doing is "right" or beneficial to anyone. let alone myself.
    stencil revolution fags, neighborhood vigilantes, sharpie magnum toting wu tang looking fiends, crews with an enormous collective of toys dickriding and catching the overflow of ego. uhm chrs brown, just because he mentions graffiti in an album.fag. and deco spills, definately deco spills.
  14. Staze

    Staze Member

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    I hate toys who write on good pieces.
  15. ~Az

    ~Az Member

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    that makes you a bitch. sorry
  16. Strange Journeys

    Strange Journeys Senior Member

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  17. ~Az

    ~Az Member

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  18. Reinone

    Reinone Senior Member

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  19. Yodhan

    Yodhan Member

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    I'm with Reinone on this one. I can't stand beefs and wannabe tough guys who try and act like they are gangsters.
  20. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    I hate when there is a beautiful piece and some ass holes tag all over it with shitty throwups