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What dont you like about graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalf, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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  2. LoneKid

    LoneKid Member

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    Im fucking fast and I LOVE sneaking around, it makes me feal like im more than a writer that wont let the law stop me from expressing myself
  3. SHEARZ.

    SHEARZ. Member

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    The gangs that use graffiti just to get there name out there, that are not good and don't care what it looks like as long as there is paint on the wall and somewhere you can see there name. I think people - gangs should respect graffiti as the art it is.
  4. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    How is this what you DISLIKE though!?

    What I hate is people not respecting graff overal. Fuck them!
  5. vandalsnvagabonds

    vandalsnvagabonds Member

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    that i miss the late night infomercials , sham wows at
  6. DIC3

    DIC3 Member

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    I hate that people think we're all criminals.
  7. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    Well...we are.
  8. smO

    smO Member

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    I love the piece of mind it gives me. when no one else is around just me, paint, and a wall to express whatever it is im feeling at that very moment in time. Plus being out in the wee hours of the morning when no one else is around.. makes me appreciate the fact that im here.. able to paint/tag, i hope there is nothing but whitewalls in heaven..
  9. Pickton's Pigpen

    Pickton's Pigpen Elite Member

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    I hate other graffiti writers.
  10. Bomber4life

    Bomber4life Member

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    When your painting a very dark wall down your street and your neighbour rides past you on a bike -_- Akwarddddddd
  11. DIC3

    DIC3 Member

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    Lol, I meant criminals in a sinister way. But yes, we are criminals.

    CFC-GRAFF Senior Member

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    The Labels we all receive... :p
  13. Hylite

    Hylite Member

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    I hate that some people go out of there way just to intervene and to try to be a "hero" one time i was hitting trains and junkyard worker from like a quarter mile away walked over just to tell us to leave when we werent even writing on anything of his. Peoples's logic theses days..
  14. aiko

    aiko Senior Member

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  15. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    i hate how everyone says graffiti is all done by gangs
  16. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    I got into the paper in my town for doing graffiti evrey where and they dident mention how it could be considered art they just said its all vandalism and garbage thats some thing i hate.
  17. Moccis

    Moccis Member

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    I hate people that think that graffiti is just vandalism
  18. Varya

    Varya Member

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    I hate the cold.
    I can't stand to be out for more than an hour on a december/january night.
    I'm pretty skinny so I have to wear like 7 layers to make it a bit bearable. And then putting up slaps is impossible, either I wear gloves and can't peel em
    or I don't wear gloves and can't peel em because I'm shaking too much.
  19. SMTXgraffin

    SMTXgraffin Senior Member

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    Even the local paper knows you're a toy. LOL
    They done recognized.
  20. Themysciran

    Themysciran Member

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    Being new to the scene, I don't like all the hate between writers. Everyone can learn from each other. It seems like such a closed and cold community. Also hate when guys think that just because I'm a chick into graffiti that I'm instantly here to suck dicks to try and get "ahead" or something ridiculous like that lol