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What Not To Bring When Bombing.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Shrink, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    Haha some one comes around the corner and they see these two randoms fooling around haha
  2. mada focka

    mada focka Senior Member

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    don't bring a tuba.....just trust me its not a good idea.
  3. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    what time do your buses run until? because around here, shit's pointless cuz the buses stop at ten o clock or so. i'll bomb broad daylight chill ass spots... take the bus mind my own smoke a bleezy listen to big l scratch some windows hop off look at trains all the good stuff.
  4. Math

    Math Member

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    naw man, they make wicked fat caps, i always pack one for fills
  5. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    what not to bring when bombing:
    a cell phone with no vibrate/silent feature,
    someone who talks really fukin loud,
    and the singing rabbit from the skittles comercials
  6. BeesKnees

    BeesKnees Senior Member

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    Here's my contribution that no one says

    i know a lot of heads bomb drunk and shit, but if you dont want to get caught dont, and (although i do this sometimes) dont bomb when you come home from parties and shit drunk either

    as for weapons and shit, i dont bring any even when i bomb alone and shit. i dont live in a hardcore gang city (LA, detroit, etc.) but my city does have like 6million people so the neighboorhoods i bomb are considered bad but really the only threat in my eyes is like crazy crack heads, but im fast so i just tell my self ill book if im ever attacked. and once i turned the corner of an alley and saw i group of gangsters, and not the kind you can just walk by and not make eye contact, so i just turned around and booked fast, but i dont know where you guys are from but if gangsters want to jump kids here they dont wait around at 4:00am, then just go to like schools at closing.
  7. RezOner..

    RezOner.. Banned

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    dont bring a native kid, they jack your paint.
    jus joshin.
    but srsly.
  8. Bossman-

    Bossman- Senior Member

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    Instead of a blade, just bring a lighter. You dont even know how scared people are of fire, if just to buy you time to get out. you see them comming, just throw your cans in bag and hide the lighter, pop it out with some high pressure, or just a full can. like a flamethrower. Make sure the flame is lit though. zippo is best.
  9. king sandstorm (KOGC)

    king sandstorm (KOGC) Banned

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    i always bring an extra shirt..incase someone sees me..i run then slip it on really fast maybe put on a hat..if they call the police they wont know its me
  10. CT08

    CT08 Senior Member

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    just wear reversible clothes...
  11. Bossman-

    Bossman- Senior Member

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    reversible clothes? just pack a sweater to throw over top. maybe a toque.
  12. Aspyr510

    Aspyr510 Member

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    I don't pack a whole bag of spraypaint. At most in the daytime, a Krink and five stickers. But at night...
  13. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    dont bring

    blood/dna samples
    social security card
    birth certificate

    always bring your visa card, never leave home without it
  14. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    if all else fails you could just get naked and start running cause then youd just get indecent exposure. cause if your naked their not even gunna think your doin any painting
  15. harry

    harry Senior Member

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    why dont u shut the fuck up who cares what poeple bring bombing ya faggots bring what u want dont need advice from the whole world use ur braind ya dumb fucks
  16. f*ukyocouch

    f*ukyocouch New Member

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    i bring my phone paint and one marker
    and for getting foood
    i use my hands BITCH lol
  17. desokidd

    desokidd Member

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    i bring my bag of paint
    my cell phone on vibrate haha
    and my dick
  18. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    ^I would suggest leaving your dick at home..


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    watever you do dont bring your glow in the dark lightsaber vibrating dildo...cuz cops can see that thing thru your back pocket man
  20. vus_01

    vus_01 Member

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    i bring-my dark hoodie, dark pants, an one glove, cell on vibrate, paint, markers, backspack which is tight to my body...and a friend which i have a total trust...

    di not bring blackbook, unneccesery things....