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What Not To Bring When Bombing.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Shrink, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Glad you're able to follow the conversation.

    To explain one thing to the various arguers here, people are giving advice based on their, or other's, past mistakes, mishaps, close calls, etc. It doesn't matter if it happened to you, you don't think it could ever happen, etc. People are sharing knowledge. You can choose to argue it all you want or you can learn from others to help strengthen your game.

    Just saying.
  2. slysenberg

    slysenberg New Member

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    don't bring baitheads!
  3. sKuNkTOthe3

    sKuNkTOthe3 Member

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    Bring only the bare necessities. Personally I don't bring my phone with me at all, nor carry a wallet when I'm out doing that shit. I don't bring money, beer, weed, etc. I bring just enough paint, a few caps, a small towel or rag, a plastic bag, a small flashlight, a small folding knife, gloves, backpack, and my keys. It's pretty much all goes in the backpack but sometimes I carry my shit in a briefcase and wear a suit jacket and dress up so I don't 'look like' I'm into graffiti. Don't bring anything that you don't mind ditching if you have to. Definitely don't dress like you're a stereotypical graff head!! Also, if you have one, bringing your girl can be awesome because you have a lookout and you guys can come up with alibies/stories/scenarios in advance to deal with cops. You can just get into a pretend fight or act like you're about to fuck lol
  4. Ozen

    Ozen Member

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    I don’t bring anything except my cans and maybe a small sketch of what I’m doing. If it’s a busy place I bring a broken / cheap phone so if anyone comes past it just looks like im going to a quiet place to talk.