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What Respirator Should I Get?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by element503, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    How would it not filter paints?
    Do you even know how a filter works?
    A filter is basically a layer of material, With a varied size of holes in it.
    The smaller the holes throughtout the material. The smaller the items alowed to get threw are.
    Micro organisms are much smaller then paint fumes.
    So if it can keep out micro organisms, Then im pretty damb shure it will keep out paint fumes.
    Unless your just talking about the aerosol from the can. THEN you need special material for that.
  2. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    Seeings how you're too lazy to search, I'm merging this with the respirator thread.
  3. sec

    sec Senior Member

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    just use the gasmask from your grandfather from the second world war, wear a spacesuit or a diving suite like this one OR just buy a decent respirator on the net and stop whining :rolleyes:
  4. kongo

    kongo Elite Member

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    He used spray paint 57 years back, spray paint wasnt even available then! think stupid!
  5. sec

    sec Senior Member

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    yah i was thinkin the same

    FLA BOMBA Banned

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  7. markingz.

    markingz. Banned

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    if they dont filter paint why would anyone bother getting one?

    as for the other guy, 3M makes good ones
  8. das1

    das1 Senior Member

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  9. wanted 3- slave

    wanted 3- slave Member

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    i dont have 1.. why should i get 1 arent they just a waste of money¿
  10. vman

    vman Elite Member

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  11. cowalski

    cowalski Member

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    they didn't have cans...

    they did have airbrush and some pretty nasty lead based shit
  12. SKriBL*666

    SKriBL*666 Elite Member

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    Only one that keeps me healthy is this beast.

  13. Aer

    Aer Member

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    How much was that?
  14. miz

    miz Senior Member

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    i got mine frome home depot it was like 25 bucks but i dident pay that
  15. *DEA*

    *DEA* Senior Member

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    hes probably got it already,
  16. MacDreRIP11104

    MacDreRIP11104 Senior Member

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    get the one that filters the paint so you get oxygen
  17. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    do you need to replace filters on these...and if so how long can you use the filter before replacing it how cna you tell?
  18. MicoDOK

    MicoDOK Senior Member

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    A real resp is an amazingly good buy. If you paint without one you will be affected. Maybe not now, or in ten years, but it will happen. Look at any of the kings from back the day., Iz The Wiz anyone? Kids just now joinbing us, Yes you do want a resp, get a 3m (prefferably) get the filters for paint fumes, why not get the more expensive ones? do you like not peeing your bed and being able to articulate? I sure as fuck do. Get the damn mask, and the paper ones are better than nothing, but don't let that become your regular protection. that's like usin the pull out method as opposed to a condom.

  19. SHUZ

    SHUZ Member

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  20. -kosr-

    -kosr- Senior Member

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    ^^Ok have fun dieing young if you bomb alot.