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What Spray Paint Do You Use?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by THE SINR SIX, May 27, 2017.

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  1. NOOR_OneR

    NOOR_OneR Member

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    but i preffer mtn because it has a nice smell lol
  2. Loaf3r

    Loaf3r Member

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    I would say to use Rusto for fills and a nice euro-can for outlines if you live in America. If not i personally use a mix of Molotow Premium/ Burner (Chrome/Black), MTN Speed/94/Hardcore or mostly Montana Black nowadays. I've also enjoyed using Kobra HP and Ironlak, but they're not for sale where i live.
  3. King Kamehameha

    King Kamehameha Member

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    Montana Blacks are nice, but I like to bomb. Rusto comes in a wide variety of colors and with the right extensions you can go skinny to ultra wide for half the price.
  4. toadstoolgoldsoul

    toadstoolgoldsoul Member

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    go to lak a lot but if other then michael store brand uh painters paint
  5. toadstoolgoldsoul

    toadstoolgoldsoul Member

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    oh it is rustoleum that is the correct brand
  6. graffheid

    graffheid New Member

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    plasticote mofo ;);)
  7. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    bye cases of dulpi color . Best shit they make .
  8. SEN0

    SEN0 Member

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    If you are new or learning again do cheap . So I'd say dope basic first . Don't get amontana black as a toy .You'll waste the paint
  9. VOIS

    VOIS Member

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    Montana 94 or Dope Basic. Both cheap
  10. joe535

    joe535 Member

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    First of all I recommend getting a water based spray paint so that there is no issue with fumes. I think there are at least 2 out there at this time. You might want to practice a few sprays onto paper or something to get used to pressing the nozzle down before you spray on anything. Remember to spray paint outdoors whenever possible so that you have proper ventilation. Also remember to shake your can first until you can hear the little ball inside the can moving around freely. Continue to shake the can as you work now and then so the paint will come out evenly. It's good to keep the cans a bit warm if possible to avoid paint spattering. When you are finished with a color, you can spray it upside down a little bit. This will clean the cap out and stop it from clogging. Also it's good to have lots of extra caps around to replace any clogged caps.
  11. nerd.

    nerd. Senior Member

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    isnt water based paint non permanent? itll get washed away in the rain.
  12. Caiden Penny

    Caiden Penny New Member

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    I use Armor Coat Rust Paint, its the best price can of spray paint i could get that takes male caps, is it any good for graffiti?