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Whats The First Thing You Wrote On?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Michael, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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    dont hate appreciate
  2. EASEone!

    EASEone! New Member

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    the first thing i got up on was the roof of a KMART, i have pic still ill pst it in a bit, its when i wrote KARMA.
  3. TaskOne

    TaskOne Senior Member

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    first thing i wrote on was some hot bitches titties in gr 1. it all went down hill.
  4. ShhImACop

    ShhImACop Member

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  5. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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  6. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    gym storage bin at elementary skewl lawlZ
  7. tamorin

    tamorin Member

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  8. kroc_oner

    kroc_oner Elite Member

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    lol a trach can with silver spray paint i found on the floor before i did graffi
  9. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    lunch table with a sharpie back in elementary school.but i wrote my nickname
  10. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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  11. Amore

    Amore Member

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    Storage bin at my old middle school.
  12. ish_805

    ish_805 Member

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    on my neighbors "fence" with a green crayon about 9 years ago....i wrote sum gang name and its still there...back in sloppy it actually looks like tagging...j/p
  13. Downy

    Downy Member

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    in a school's bathroom stall
  14. ForGiven

    ForGiven Senior Member

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    on your moms ass in a special marker with whitish ink. unfortunately she wanted to be clean so i joined her in the shower ad helped her buff it off, after signing twice more(once on her face)

    this was a comment made out of boredom and is not targeting anyones mother specifically, sorry if someone is actually offended.
  15. ACEO.

    ACEO. New Member

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    Dumpster With A Homemade Kiwi Mop
  17. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    In 9th grade they were doing those school president shits, and a bunch of people put up shitty posters, I went around writing "Vote for me" everywhere, in pencil though so I didn't get in trouble if they caught me. That was like the first time I wrote on anything.

    It confused the hell out of people seeing "vote for me" without a name lol. Eventually people found out it was me. I actually won but didn't want to be the school president so some fat white dude got it.
  18. tagger12

    tagger12 Member

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    tha back of a building for some can control
  19. amberTrichome

    amberTrichome Member

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    ets under a bridge when I was like 11, then all my friends got arrested so I quit for a long time lol
  20. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    inside my mothers womb, she was having fun with a marker one day and lost it. so i practiced my steeze for 9 months before i was born... unfortunatly there was no light, so i wasn't able to remember what i wrote.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2008