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Whats The First Thing You Wrote On?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Michael, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Coleo

    Coleo Elite Member

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    proud of ya'
  2. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    I painted a tiny chicken-scratch hand on a brick wall with an Elmer's paint pen over 7 years ago.
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  3. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    A dupster. With a Paint Stick. First ever tag ive hit up lol, did it like 2-3 days ago.
  4. fatboislim

    fatboislim Member

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    Krink marker on a girl. I have photos if u want but I wasn't really taggn I was jus drunk and wrote my name on em (If u catch my drift) haha
  5. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    I was 13 I bombed my middle school. And I do mean bombed. From classrooms to restrooms, hallways, the gym, lockerroom, cafeteria and every where else. Then some one got caught and snitched on the rest of us.
  6. quick! act casual

    quick! act casual Member

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    Did an electrical box today with a mop, as Saga in daylight.
    Was easier to do than I thought, people saw but just went on like "oh i didnt see that...".
  7. Kudos_Q2

    Kudos_Q2 Member

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    ISHONE Member

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  9. *orels*

    *orels* Member

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    It was probably my school when I was like 8. I stayed around after school and tagged 'Satan' or something corny like that around the place.
  10. ALiS.

    ALiS. New Member

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    My schools in a high rise so i started tagging the stairwells until i got snitched. Now they have cameras...
  11. ACME.

    ACME. Member

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    The first thing I wrote on was an old bank that hadent been remodeled yet after Katrina. I drew a lot on paper and finally decided with my cousin to go hit up a wall. Long story short, a friend d of a cop looked out his window, saw us, and called his homie. 10 min after starting while putting the finishing touches on the peice, we get lit up by cops lights and enclosed into a corner.. we both got arrested as juveniles and had like a year of probation.. so years have passed by and one of my good friends just starting getting into Graff and asked me if I was into it. Well let's just say he recreated a monster.
  12. ACME.

    ACME. Member

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    Basically everything you see from me is super recent because I just started back up like three or four months ago.
  13. Budr_thk_ahod

    Budr_thk_ahod Member

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    back of a one way sign with ya boy @ACME.
  14. ACME.

    ACME. Member

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    This is true. ^
  15. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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    bench outside my school, then inside a changeroom locker and under a desk hahaha
  16. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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    everyone tags up the walls at school and they don't even care lmao
  17. TheDeck

    TheDeck Member

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    The inside of a bathroom stall at a restaurant. So rebellious. :cool:
  18. badder boy

    badder boy Senior Member

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    a cop car with etch bath and a paintbrush
  19. Aciddrip

    Aciddrip New Member

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    A Bathroom stall of course!