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When Did You Start

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by SHift, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. imported_big_boss

    imported_big_boss Senior Member

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    I stopped writing on shit whe I was 5. Ever since I was ten I would always look out for graff in New York and Paterson when I would go to work with my dad. I started to actually sketch and write shit again about 5 months ago, when I found Bombing Science and redsicovered Artcrimes.
  2. eNcE

    eNcE Senior Member

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  3. eNcE

    eNcE Senior Member

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    wtf thats gay
  4. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    i started not a long time ago(may 2006)

    i need to work alot lol
  5. gotmiak

    gotmiak Senior Member

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    I was into it when i was a freshman in highschool, never really took it too seriously, tagged for like 2 years. Stopped for junior year, than about 5 months ago I went out and bought a pilot, a sketchbook, and changed my name.
  6. FEST!

    FEST! Member

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    Made contact w/ some tired of goin solo and made a name
  7. SFC

    SFC Member

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    13 freinds got me into it
  8. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    marker tags, and stickers for about 3...stenciling for 5-6.....bombing for 1
  9. myl

    myl Elite Member

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    i started just before i turned 17, now im turning 18 soon
  10. shifty!

    shifty! Senior Member

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    started this past may, made a trip through boston saw a bunch of stuff liked it, then went to SF and thats what really what made me want to start writing...
  11. PKASO

    PKASO New Member

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    Iv been drawing/sketching since i was like 8 y.o started liking graffiti a couple years ago done about 3-4 throwies. getting into tattoos. I think im better on paper than a wall.Now about to leave for Marine Core bootcamp...I dont know what im going to do with out my pencil n paper, that is whats gunna drive me crazy.
  12. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    Well i didnt really notice graf in washington dc for a while until i took my first metro ride at 12, i would see Cool Disco Dan shit everywhere, and wondered what that was. seeing as how most of his stuff was up by FFC ithought it was a gang lol. Didnt pay much attention to it until that day i took a metro ride with my mom to UDC. On the way i looked out the window and saw some amazing shit. I was amazed at what i was seeing, i was seeing stuff by Cave, Cool Disco Dan, SPC 1, and other D.C. greats. it was amazing. Then when we got to the Florida avenue that what was the final point. Seeing that old warehouse and seeing people like Sek getting up on such a high up place changed it all for me. I said thats what i wanted to do out loudly. I think thats when my mom knew that i was going to write graffiti. fast forward a couple of years, now at 16 im really dwelling into graf more in more, before i was just doing bubble letters and drawing characters, now im going back to basics, seeing as how i thought i could bust out a wildstyle like it was nothing, when really it was a bunch of shit on some paper.
  13. scape-one

    scape-one Senior Member

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    u live in DC? wat do u write?
  14. KAL

    KAL Senior Member

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    I first started back when i was in 6th grade and saw flix in the back of tha source magazine, n then i just started drawing what i saw. i would just write my name n just basicly sketced for a few years went through a couple of names as i learned that using my name wasnt such a bright idea. and as i read more and started to find out the the different elements of graffiti is when i really got into it. still sketching due to the lack of supplies and other writers to chill with. o and im a junior now.
  15. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    u live in DC? wat do u write? [/b][/quote]
    i used to write Simp, but i write Gapa now.


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    ive been intrested forever started 2 years ago
  17. TRI

    TRI Member

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    Got Intrested In It When I Was 6 But Didnt Start

    Been Doing Stencils For 4 Years And Now And Again Tagging Etc For 3 And Like 11 Months Haha
  18. K(i)ng

    K(i)ng Senior Member

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    yeah i started today, i did my first tag but i got into it from shepard fairey
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2007
  19. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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    Oh dear, another fag. Join me and the other 1000 fags of this site.....
  20. SIAH

    SIAH Senior Member

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    i got into the whole thing in high school i had to do a term paper on art, i picked graffiti and it just kinda hit after that, and then i found out i had a friend that was into it and he kinda took me under his wings, kinda showed me the ropes and let me roam.