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When Did You Start

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by SHift, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. esco93

    esco93 Senior Member

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    7th grade ..sisters boyfriend showed me a lil bit then i was hokked...(in high skool now)
  2. AyteYourCookies

    AyteYourCookies Senior Member

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    Fourth Grade for a bit, then I stopped until Grade 7 and started again, Grade 8 now.
  3. Asco

    Asco New Member

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    I been doin graff for about 5 months now. and still suck alot... lol
  4. PinZ

    PinZ Senior Member

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    I started in kindergarten. Skribblin all over the damb walls.
  5. shiva - the destroyer

    shiva - the destroyer Senior Member

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    i don't like you
  6. polngi2

    polngi2 Member

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    Ive been interested with graffiti since I was about 8 years old Im fourteen now, but2 years ago I started doin it, but it was only with markers, slap ups n shit like that
  7. SpazOner

    SpazOner New Member

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    Started like 4 yrs ago(6th grade) although i didnt really get into it till like 2 yrs later or so and im all about graff now (10th grade)
  8. GEZ

    GEZ Member

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    3 years ago. I was 10, in around 4th grade or 5th. I am now 13.
  9. BrooklynsOwnDewer

    BrooklynsOwnDewer New Member

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    ive been into graff since 2nd grade and bomibn since i was, my moms got me into graff lol....can u say irony.......
  10. sik_bomber

    sik_bomber Senior Member

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    2 years ago. moved beside a frieght lay up. sketching+krylon+boltcutters-talent+train yard=me 1 1/2 years ago.
  11. sik_bomber

    sik_bomber Senior Member

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    is this you? i inverted it like any one could and now i know what you look like. not smart.
  12. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Depends what you mean by "when did you start?"
    Start graff (actually hitting shit)
    Start drawing graff
    Or just start drawing in general?

    I always drew as a kid I remember my friends would show me shit they drew 'n I'd be jealous so I'd have to do it, we did a lot of Gorillaz sketches especially noodle I used to be able to draw noodle perfect without using a reference. I always sucked though 'n usually got discouraged 'cause I had a beautiful masterpiece in my mind and I could hardly make the lines the right length most times.

    I don't remember exactly what age I did specifically graff drawings, but I know around age 11 or 12 me 'n my friend were pretty into it 'n we had our lil 'graff names' mine was "ICE" but we could never get paint, so the only shit I really did graffwise back then was a few things on this bridge near my house with this kid who lived down the street, he procured a can of blue krylon so we got to play with that till it was empty.

    I hardly ever drew at home though 'cause like I said I'd have this crazy idea in my head and not nearly enough skill to execute it, instead of practicing, like an idiot I just gave up on most occasions I tried to draw, and every once in awhile I'd stick with it 'n bust something decent but really it all sucked. I always drew during school time though, at the beginning of each school year I'd always get excited 'cause I knew that meant doing a piece of whatever subject name on my folders and notebooks. I did "MATH" with a pot leaf behind it last year :D

    So then the summer before senior year I kinda started to get serious about graff. As I said before the main reason I never got up was because getting paint was a problem, then after I researched graff I found out you can steal it! (I stole shit at age 12 too) I done graphics design since I was 12 so I knew I had potential to do something creative, just not the skill when it comes to drawing (graphics design leaves a lot more room for fixing or getting it right at first.) I was still 17 so I had the advantage of being a minor just barely, but when I realized I could steal paint then I figured...why can't I be doing this? Being that graffiti king in your area was always my dream, I remember to this day there was 2 kids who tagged a lot in my city, "tell" and I think "pysc". Just tags 'n shit, but I remember them to this day, and the kid I painted with when I was 12 dated one of their sisters, he was like "yo that kid who writes tell is so-n-so's brother, they got their names from the dictionary just picked a random page 'n took the first four letters" so I think that sort of thing is pretty fucking cool.

    But anyway, to answer the original question, I guess I started doing actual physical graffiti the summer before senior year (17 years old). I wanted to crush this town before I move, I hate this fucking town. (I moved from my hometown when I was 12, I have nothing to do here...)

    and also luckily when I started researchin' graff I worked on my handy a lot more and actual learned why I sucked (yeah yeah, simples, now STFU) but now my shits way better and I'm starting to get to the point I should have already been at all these years. But I guess I'm still only 18 'n I got a lot of potential. If I stick with it I'mma be so much better in 2 years, and amazing by the time I get out of art school. I done hand styles everyday in school this year, 'n then throwies too, 'n pieces are starting to feel a lot more natural, I'm liking this whole progression shit 'cause each piece is closer and closer to what I want it to be.
    Last edited: May 11, 2008
  13. ObeyTheMustard

    ObeyTheMustard Member

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    i was into graff when i was like 10-11
    then i started trying it and skething when i just turned twelve
    and i start painting when i was aout to turn 13...
  14. fuzzyglock

    fuzzyglock New Member

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    i just started a couple of weeks ago

    for a couple of years ive been putting up "obey" stickers though
  15. SKILO1

    SKILO1 Member

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    i started about a year and ahalf ago and i was sketchin at school and my math teacher told me that i was just a lil thug on the street i was soo fuckin pissed.
  16. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    beginning of 2005

    edit: i had no idea how young most of these kids are. makes me feel fuckin old and i'm only 18. shit.
    Last edited: May 15, 2008
  17. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    Same shit, although I'm a year younger.
  18. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    i started about 2 years ago. i started out with doing mop tags in the park, to actual throwies. then somewhere around there i started doing wheatepastes
  19. OctoVenom

    OctoVenom Senior Member

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    about a year use to write ink, think, idn why? but the name i have is better
  20. harley.

    harley. Senior Member

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    ive dun crappy little tags since year9 but bin readin up about it since a year or so ago
    im 16 now
    started seriously considering it last week.
    i know
    im a toy
    i'll get better cuz i need lots of practice and i have a genuine love for it
    im not jus saying
    i love art in general