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When Did You Start

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by SHift, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. gumball

    gumball Member

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    i got intrested in graff when i was 10 and i didnt start drawing till 12 then i started painting when i was 13 or 14 ish i dont really remember
  2. KrinkKid

    KrinkKid New Member

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    im been trying on and off on paper for a year or so but now im writing outside the blackbook haha
  3. Bilnek

    Bilnek Senior Member

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    i started graffiti when i was 9.... my parents found out that i was doing graffiti and forbidden it me 2 do it( i was a kid so i stopped 2 do it).... at age of 12(now) i do paper and tag walls
  4. Basic954

    Basic954 Senior Member

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    bout 8 months ago.. still mastering simps n shit..
  5. ansichrist

    ansichrist Senior Member

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    SIKFUCK Senior Member

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    8th gradeeeeeeeeee

    SIKFUCK Senior Member

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    stop. seariously.
  8. wider

    wider Senior Member

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    plz plz plz show some flicks. i might smile.

    COBALT Elite Member

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    smile at his fucking toyness please if you post flix toy thread we dont need your shit in a good thread

    SIKFUCK Senior Member

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    If yer shiits ne thing like yer sig...I'd smile :cool:
  11. RKO43

    RKO43 New Member

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    Around three years ago
  12. Endoptimus Krime

    Endoptimus Krime Senior Member

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    started around 7th 11th now. Soooo like 03 or 04.
  13. StickyEnvelopes

    StickyEnvelopes Member

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    i started yesterday and im like sooo sick wit it haha, nah i started last year i guess for about 2 months then dropped off n picked up a can about a month ago new name, new style, im tryna bring that wildstyle
  14. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    started about 4 years back..but never really did it proper for a year or so...only as a fuck about, only in the last two years ive done it more.
    my mate been tagging for like 9 years and got me into it

    i suck for how long i been at it but most people spend every hour at it...i sketch when bored and barely paint coz i got a production career to think about.
  15. heng1494le23

    heng1494le23 Banned

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  16. DWK

    DWK New Member

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    Ive been drawing for a while practicing with the letters and styles hoping to get out
  17. seT1

    seT1 Member

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    ive painted for 2 years and i got caught by my parents today..
    i didnt take my key and i had to knock on the door..
    and my backpack was massive cos it had 11 cans of paint in there..
    my mum made me open and i just threw it on the floor and went to my room..
    then they came into my room were giving me some lecture about how i'l turn into a robber
    and that bullshit..
    its cut me off going out and bombing for 6 months to mabye 2 years
    im just going to keep practicing on paper until its over ...
    btw this happend like 5 minutes ago .. -_-
  18. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    ouch! lame dude. i started drawing about 4 or 5 years ago. Bombed for the first time 2 years ago and have been goin out whenever i can ever since
  19. sufr

    sufr Senior Member

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    ive been doing sketches since year 7...ive only really started going out and painting in the last couple of months.
  20. walkingcarpet

    walkingcarpet Senior Member

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    I've been interested for about 6months and just started drawing a couple weeks ago.