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When Did You Start

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by SHift, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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    i cant remember when i started...all i know is that its been a while haha
  2. skatewave420

    skatewave420 Member

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    started last week, dont eant to go on a bombing run yet because where i live there is maybe one tag up and i dont want to fuck up
  3. fingerlickingchicken

    fingerlickingchicken Senior Member

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    Don't bomb for a solid 8-12 months. I still have tags up from the beginning that I'm embarrassed about every time I walk past
  4. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    started when I was about 12 or 13. went bombing for the first time when I was 14 and I was toy as hell
  5. started young, all i did was bomb and destroy shit for 5 and a half years

    then met new mates and got into doing peices and high risk stuff and actually using some talent in my work this year at the end of may and been at it since tho ive slowed down a bit recently
  6. Isho

    Isho Member

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    I always wrote on shit everywhere, but not in a ''graffiti-culture'' kind of way, I just wrote my real name or wrote some shit I was thinking or paint characters, I started getting into the whole ''getting your own name(alter-ego) business @ a year and a half ago? I was straight out toy at first and I didn't listen to nobody on the forums at first about practice allot before you go bombing, and someone said that I would regret those tags when I develop a better style, and I did. I tagged some pretty toy things @, but it didn't matter, its all about the rush;)I took a long break from graffiti and started again now like 7-8months ago, kind of an on/off relationship, now I'm back and more serious about it. Bombing subways and shit:D
  7. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    ^ you're so cool, unique, and tough. i wish i was cool, unique, and tough too. i started writing when i saw an isho piece on a subway train. i saw it, and i decided i needed to put a laudatory piece next to it, commemorating it's greatness. next to the piece i wrote "hats off to isho, the originator". i was the second person to graffiti ever. i wrote my real name too, nikola "cornbread" taki tesla.
  8. Isho

    Isho Member

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  9. nekgraffiti

    nekgraffiti Member

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    Me and my homies started in sixth grade with some krylon and hello's. That was four years ago tho
  10. R^ReKSBK

    R^ReKSBK New Member

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    Start at age 10 been bombin for 6 years
  11. OSK_MuteR

    OSK_MuteR New Member

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    1 Year And ½

    My brother got me a book when I was in about 5th grade, I didn't really do much with it until he took me to his friends house. All the walls were torn up with graff. OIS. Syke, Brisk.. All over his walls. Then he showed me his book.. later that week I tried doing it and I just kept going at it.. I sucked shit man haha. I decided to toss it .. but about halfway through 6th grade i found my book again piled up with a bunch of us less garbage. I got back to sketching, took some art classes and did my first piece by 6th grade summer. By 7th grade year.. it was all I was doing.. filled up 5 books. Destroyed the city with this MUTE tag. I felt like.. like nothing else mattered but me, my paint, and my book. # Since 2010.
  12. ChemicalWarfareBrigade

    ChemicalWarfareBrigade Senior Member

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    First piece december 2000. Don't judge yo!
  13. double

    double Member

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    i dont think ive officially started yet. i want my first piece to be at least somewhat decent so im constantly sketching out ideas.

    ive been facinated by it ever since i was really little though. all the colors and the way certain pieces look like theyre moving and shit.

    i hope to get there someday.
  14. NūK

    NūK Member

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    2011 heres my first piece and my latest piece Dagg.jpeg 2012-04-25_18-42-50_754.jpg
  15. NūK

    NūK Member

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    i used to use really shitty paint too lolol
  16. wolk

    wolk Member

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    started back in highschool with shitty tags and sticker slaps, did a few stencils as well. Now back at UNI got reinspired and Im back at it. feels good, went tagging last night for the first time in years.
  17. Tromps

    Tromps New Member

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    Since 5th grade and now I'm in 9th

    DZEDOZER Senior Member

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    started when I was eleven by putting up a few stencils and shit. Got in with a crew when I was twelve, got jumped and fell outta the crew and stopped writing. Started writing again when I was thirteen. Recently I have been drawing pieces, though I have not painted any seeing as they arent that good yet.

    THATSIT New Member

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    Started a few weeks ago now I'm obsessed:D
  20. SaintoneDK

    SaintoneDK New Member

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    started about a year ago with sketching and tagging never done an actual piece though but iam planning to bomb my city today