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When It Might Be Time To Stop Painting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sheek, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    How old are you? I doubt you will keep writing forever. Did you realize that this thread was 6 months old when you bumped it? Stop bumping old threads with nonsense!
  2. <SMK>

    <SMK> Senior Member

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    Everything i wanted to say has already been said so im not even goin to bother...Just Get Up and Stay up....
  3. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    yeah chill wid writing for awhile but dont give it up forever
  4. stewa_sk8

    stewa_sk8 Senior Member

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    man ?
    all that because of graffiti ?!??! ...
    man , that's crazy ...
    i was like , having some problems because I skate ... but , never been in trouble like that ?!?!?
    that's realy crazy !!! :eek: :( <_<
  5. a_slave_to_creation

    a_slave_to_creation Senior Member

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    i doubt ill be writing forever, but ill always be doing some form of art, its in my blood. graffiti actually saved me, i went through some shit and it gave me an outlet to get it all out. its also introduced me to alot of new people and made me love hip-hop. this shit is a huge part of my life, but everyone has to stop one day. everyone says theyll do it 4eva, but i doubt it.
  6. anon df-mb

    anon df-mb Member

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    you should think about being on the writer bench.its where you stopped but not compltey,like a break almost but still writes.thats what im doing write now.


  7. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    A writing hiatus doesnt mean you will be done for good bro. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND START AGAIN.

    Scan your neighborhood like fuckin terminator and be like, "That spots gonna be mine."

    Honestly, this thread is kinda odd. When its time to stop you will know, And stopping sure as hell aint gonna be soon for me.
  8. Lucas

    Lucas Senior Member

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    When you run out of paint
  9. killtheugly

    killtheugly Senior Member

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  10. Sheek

    Sheek Senior Member

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    yes im posting in an old ass thread
    i fuckin started it anyway

    well i never really stoped
    i just got more into the art aspect, and canvas work rather then just bombing, (but still do that when i find the time)

    you were all right about the girl, since then ive dated girls who actualy enjoy the work i do

    i ended up getting expelled from high school halfway through my seinor year, after being blamed for attempted arson on the place, (which i diddnt do).
    so its a good thing i slept, never did my work, and sat there drawing during the rest of my classes, because i would have been kicked out anyway. *high-five*
    im workin on getting my GED, then im going to art and design classes to help my work.

    i got kicked out of my house but i got an appartment with some friends, so its all good.

    my dad just got arrested, ha ha 20-30 years
    so i went to where he lived, raided his house, and stole his shit. he wont be needing it.

    as for the job..... i kept going back and fucking their shit up, eventualy i geuss they went bankrupt or something, because they went out of business, the building was condemed and then torn down.
    now i got a new one with a friend where i get to go to lots of different stores and steal all kinds of shit.

    well i started this thread, and i wanted to finish it off
  11. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    man if i can ill be walking round with my breathing resp or watever and still bomb least with a marker.but thats maybe
  12. Animal

    Animal Senior Member

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    you stop painting when you have been out painting all night and you get tired, then you go home and go to sleep and go painting again the next day.
  13. Teez-EmM!!!

    Teez-EmM!!! Elite Member

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    im slowd down cause i broke my. but iv still going to catch a couple tags here and there..
  14. its all good till the cops come

    its all good till the cops come Senior Member

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  15. .A.K.4.7.

    .A.K.4.7. Elite Member

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    good luck with that
  16. RUP'E

    RUP'E Senior Member

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    dont be gay ur not gonna paint all ur life.
    if your in a situation like this guy then maybe u should just chill for a while , but if painting is somthing you really enjoy then youll become more of a wreck when you quit it.thas my advice.
    cheers and good luk with ur situation
  17. Sheek

    Sheek Senior Member

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    well scroll up a bit
    i posted a long ass message about how im not in a situation anymore
    life is good

    but thanks anyway :)
  18. Set17

    Set17 Senior Member

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    ouch that sucks pretty hard my girlfriend likes graffiti and I talked her into doing it herself. as for school i get good grades cuz my teachers like my work and my moms all good for it she gets me supplies
  19. Big TL Springs

    Big TL Springs Member

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    I have not painted in over 4 and a half months. Ive tagged a few times but its killing me inside. Im 19 and not in college. I landed a $15/hour job. I cant afford to lose it. I will always be Graff till i die, i just wont hit hard like i used too.
  20. RUP'E

    RUP'E Senior Member

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    yo sheek
    u must have misinterpreted my post
    "if your in a situation like this guy"
    it was more my personal advice to people in a situation like yours.