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Where 2 Buy Paint Is Aussie

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i luv rum, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. crozzy

    crozzy Member

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    fuck paying $13 for dulux. anyway as this is a thread about aussie paint stores, ive ordered of the butcher shop before and their range of paints / markers and other shit is pretty dope. got told that apparently theres only one distributer of MTN in aus and all shops rely on their stock and theyre waiting for the next shipment. i checked out a site called powderbomb, but theyve got bugger all selection of anything.

    anyone got some other aussie stores you can order from?
  2. lets.go.paint

    lets.go.paint Member

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    not sure about aussie stores to order.
    Where abouts in Aus are you?
  3. crazyoner

    crazyoner New Member

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    hey man i go to lopez to to get ironlak and montana any way hes opened a new shop in sydney i think save name lopez ;) just informing you [/b][/quote]
    new lopez records store in sydney is located on oxford street near subway
  4. crazyoner

    crazyoner New Member

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    hey vegemite is the oxford st place an actual graff shop like 567?
    ahahh it sucks im under age but i just say im painting my bike when i buy paint....but it only works once...unless there is a diff cashier. im only 13 so they usually believe me [/b][/quote]
    im 15...they let u buy paint if ur under age...great shop..tha 1 in parra is better n bigga tho
  5. crozzy

    crozzy Member

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    bunnings have caught onto that and stores now have big concrete walls down to the bottom and gates that go an inch off the ground. unless you want to lob paint tins over a 10 or so foot tall wall, its probably better to do the ol 2 for the price of one trick by getting a mate to re-use a recipt for the same amount of paint straight after you leave
  6. lets.go.paint

    lets.go.paint Member

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    Anyone been plasti factory? going there soon...
  7. Canbz

    Canbz Member

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    Patsan Dance Music Specialists in newy has a pretty sweet selection of paint and caps. just type pdms into google. you can buy online. they'll send it to ya
  8. Canbz

    Canbz Member

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  9. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

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    i havent really read through the thread but im sure if you look at the store locater thread for specialty shops, im sure someone has said a store or 2 for aus. happy painting from america.
  10. Ben Jay

    Ben Jay Member

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    any aussie writers in sydney, go to crockers paint and wallpaper in sefton.
    stocks ironlak, montana, belton, sabotaz, export

    actually pretty much everything :D
  11. SEEK_ONE

    SEEK_ONE Member

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    last i heard... its run out of plastis
    my mate bought like 300 before they ran out and hes selling them for $3 each
  12. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    new lopez records store in sydney is located on oxford street near subway[/quote]

    the oxford st place is behind central station records.
    if you know where hungry jacks is walk across da road and thers like this red wall go down the indoor alley type walkway and you come to a music shop and just go to the back of the shop and thats the oxford st lopez.

    AVALON ther is a shop in avalon that sells ironlaks for 8bux. thats if you live ont he northen beaches :). only will sell to under age if you flirt with tha chick there.

    567 king st newtown: towards the end of the road. if you get the train to newtown go out of the station and walk left and just walk down for ages and its on the opposite side to the train station. its a small shop. but they sell preety much everything. dont sell to under age though. closed sundays n public holidays. can buy dvds from 567. and other dvds that they dont display if you kno the guys there. ;) will sell if you walk in with some one over 18.

    lopez paramatta will sell to underage if the old guy isnt there. but lopez is more expensive then anywhere else and are closed on mondays. they also sell dvds as well. caps are 60c each though. everything is expensive at lopez.

    ISENBURGS. 347 oxford street paddington. isenburgs is heaps cheap and stuff but they only sell caps in bundles of 10 so yeah. huge selection of paint but are really tight on selling to underage. they might sell if your with some1 over 18.

    CROCKERS. havnt been to crockers yet because it is sooo far away from where i live but i heard they sell to under age and that they have a huge paint selection.

    hardware stores

    hardware stores usually stock dulux so if you want dulux just go to a hardware store.

    SUPER CHEAP AUTO: SUPER CHEAP have been really tight lately on their sales of paint to over 18s they take like your details n shit. and they have them behind glass cabinents now. so gay.
  13. harry

    harry Senior Member

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  14. teminghoth

    teminghoth New Member

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    is there anything left at the plasti factory? anything at all??
    my mate tried to sell me a box of plastis in shit colours, shoulda bought them and mixed it up with some export chromes :mad:

    btw it aussie and mtns are $8 RALs $9 and Belton Premiums $11 mtns are a bargain the beltons are fair similar to (patsan dance) prices
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2007
  15. sam.s

    sam.s Member

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    13 for dulux?!?!?! thats fucking way too much
    u should pay about half that!!!!
  16. lets.go.paint

    lets.go.paint Member

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    Nothin left at plasti factory now, didnt end up goin.. all my mates cans fucked up on them cos you have to shake each can for like 5-10 mins coz its been sitting still for so long in that factory..
    Its closed down..
  17. MaNtS

    MaNtS Senior Member

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    today i went t a store in sydney, called crockers, they normaly have ironlaks for $6 , but today they were on special for $5.30

    so i got a bunch, they also had "Viscious Paints" wich is the new brand export are briging out with like 12 basic colours in the range atm, they look exactly like ironlaks in the shape and glossy lid etc, they are female tins so thats good, but they are only 250 ml when ironlaks are 310, so because they are the same size and roughly the same weight it can be decieving,(i know i didnt notice till i got home and checked), but i just got two of them to trial,so ill report back with the quality in comparance with laks.
  18. cormac

    cormac Senior Member

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    hey mants i went there today too lol got a can of the viscious colours in white its pretty nice same valve as dulux and th paint is brighter than aspen and covers well
  19. lets.go.paint

    lets.go.paint Member

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    whats this viscious stuff?
  20. Resin8-uSb

    Resin8-uSb Member

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    yeah lopez records
    george street in parramatta
    they sell paint