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Where Do You Practice?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. sefer

    sefer Member

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    a sketch pad... or a peice of cardboard
  2. gk1

    gk1 Member

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    theres an old abandoned church out in the country that I go to. The only thing I dont like about it is that I have to park my car near it. :ph34r:
  3. etch a sketch

    etch a sketch Senior Member

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    I practice on a little thing called p-a-p-e-r (pei-per) haha ya
  4. AudioVideoDisco

    AudioVideoDisco Member

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    On pieces on cardboard I take home from work.... and also a wall behind my apt building.
  5. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    I practice on cardboard in my garage i usualy have to open the doors to let the paint out or i test my home made caps on my balcony on a plastic bag
  6. sheist

    sheist Senior Member

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    There's a huge ditch that runs probably a quarter mile behind the house I grew up in

    I drive over there, fine a good spot for the day and just go at it for a while. It's not really a graff spot either so I basically just try whatever and see how it goes without worrying much.

    heres a picture of an area there

  7. RISK_it_all

    RISK_it_all Member

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    well i just started but there is this one bridge that is completely like secluded and no one caring has a house right near it. and the bridge is pretty big. also there was this big metal sided building we found while walkin to a bridge that is completely blank.
  8. -/SOLO\-

    -/SOLO\- Member

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    Theres this over pass around where i live, and theres like dicks,random words and like fuck the police kinda shit on there, looks real stupid so its a pretty good place to practise..

  9. c0ld

    c0ld Senior Member

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    plywood in my backyard. not a lot of space but its all i got. i actually think i could be better if i had more space to make the letters bigger.
  10. MAERone

    MAERone Senior Member

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    my friends basement his dad didnt care we had like 10 kids all hitting walls in one basment shit was so much fun until it got flooded. after like 2 hours i was sneezing out colors haha mad funny
  11. enuf.

    enuf. Senior Member

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    the big bear chain went belly up in Ohio.
    behind the stores are perfect.
    the one by my house has a wall thats about 6-7 feet high and primed. it's super long to.
  12. faime

    faime Senior Member

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  13. fuckthatgame

    fuckthatgame Senior Member

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    yea sneezing out colors is cool until you die.....ummmmm not a good sign when your snot is colored from paint man!
  14. nixelate

    nixelate Member

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    There's a train that goes right next to me friend's house and in the woods a little bit the train goes over a stream so there's a nice bridge that no one ever really sees, so it's really nice to practice because you can take your time or just hang out with your boys and stuff. It's good for parties and shit too I guess.
  15. ebunny91

    ebunny91 Member

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    NY: Down at riverbank park @ about...idk, 147th. It's pretty, bleh...don't steal my spot.

    MICH: Garage. I set up a gimoungous plank or board or something and wildout.
    ooooooor, i take a ride to highland park. it's like no man's land down there. ha.
  16. crates

    crates Member

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    kensington market- toronto.
  17. imported_big_boss

    imported_big_boss Senior Member

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    My dad's a contractor, so there's always a huge ass piece of plywood laying around somewhere.
  18. cult07

    cult07 New Member

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    i just bought myself a cheap sketchbook and then im planning on buying some cheap plywood to use in my back yard before i go out
  19. riddleboxxmcl

    riddleboxxmcl Senior Member

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    Washington D.C
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    its so chill theres no one around
  20. ~LOOK~

    ~LOOK~ Senior Member

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    if you live in rural just do waht i do, find a river and follow it out of town a ways and park your car near an orchard whatever. then just go under the bridge and they usually have 6-7 foot virgin concrete that you can spend hours on. just make sure you have a shitty car so people think your just a farm worker picking grapes or some shit

    but thats my central cali situation, agriculture up the ass over here