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Where Do You Practice?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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    blackbooks, cardboard boxes, magazines, stuff like that.
  2. after

    after Member

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  3. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    this little walled off section, between two compounds.

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  4. 12againstme

    12againstme Member

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    I practice in random bathroom stalls around my campus
  5. must.bomb.chicago

    must.bomb.chicago Member

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    i practice where no one sees/barely sees. I don't go out and try to do street sides just cuz i got paint
  6. JAEK

    JAEK New Member

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    Just find some tunnels google maps is amazing
  7. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    I practice everywhere !!
  8. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    I usually practice under some rinky dink bridge in my town
  9. Panic519

    Panic519 Member

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    On government property. Really tho I got a room in my basement with concrete walls it's good to practice. I would advIse not painting ur name in ur own backyard, intact I dont do graft anywhere near my crib.
  10. lumer

    lumer New Member

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    backyard, garage, this concrete plant's like, waste/leftover pile. pretty normal
  11. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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  12. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    any where i can really mostly bathrooms and my grandparents backyard on cardboard sense i live in an apartment

    btw i was wondering how can i use the same peice of board over and over with out making it obvious that it is layered. i was thinking something like coverall paint but i dont know anything (just started less then 1 month ago)
  13. spher

    spher Senior Member

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    On my body bitches

    IMG0004.jpg IMG0009.jpg IMG0016.jpg IMG0021.jpg
  14. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    On your body bitches or on your bitches body? Cuz if thats you, you some smooth ass legs homie.
  15. aiko

    aiko Senior Member

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    rooftops, cracked out walls, and i turned my upstairs into a paint studio, but its never the same as painting outside. unless you wanna get high off some fumes
  16. Shit Outta Luck

    Shit Outta Luck Senior Member

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    Some broken down old ass wall nobody cares about. It's where the writers go. Although I've never seen another writer there, besides a certain friend.
  17. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    Under small bridges with shit paint jfk stencil.jpg
  18. DRIG

    DRIG Member

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    my blackbook?


    but for paint, theres a stream under a bridge thats so overgrown, its not worth it to go down there unless your lighting up some bud or painting. so i practice there. nice, peaceful, and the water sounds pretty.
  19. Jake_NN_Bake

    Jake_NN_Bake Senior Member

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    @Drig your sig makes me lol every time
    My buddy and I found this badass spot under two bridges in our town with endless wall space. No chance of a cop ever wanting to come down all that way too cause theres a really deep creek you have to wade through! We had to go over a few toys shit but fuck them ya know? Getting a ladder for next time we go so we can hit up all the empty space up top.
  20. MiDo93

    MiDo93 Senior Member

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    I practice under a turnpike bridge, its a safe ass spot just me and my dudes go down there and paint. but I heard that they might be putting cameras under some bridges though, so if that happens imma be pretty pissed...