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Who Are Your Local Heros And Why?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by youngboy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Lucas

    Lucas Senior Member

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    In my area I would have to say Comik's hooded character but Jest's shit it awesome.
  2. _Slur_

    _Slur_ Senior Member

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    I like Sois and Dr.West

    I pretty sure there in AVC
  3. Vice

    Vice Senior Member

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    i dont have heroes cuz im gangster.....

    actually i dont have any heroes cause the only writers in the area are me and a few friends and were just starting the scene here so were toy.
  4. tense

    tense Elite Member

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    id have to say aboveone, ske rip, mask, abe, style, stompdown crew, basically anyone who writes in surrey actually hahaha.
  5. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    woem LORDS C3T- if you've seen this *****'s shit you'd know why
  6. See-one

    See-one Senior Member

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    Ask! because he is the biggest writer in my nieghboorghood and he really gets up alot he has some crzy spots but then thers Causr ....Grams...... Tease... Trick and Eyes...
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2007
  7. Exer

    Exer New Member

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    GAMOS, EVADE, and some writers from OCPK
  8. GHOST 2-5-2

    GHOST 2-5-2 Senior Member

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    all of LTC canz the most though pretty much because he is up the most
    the have this bomb ass piece under a freeway bridge and there is are part in the peice were there is a scroll and it list all the people in LTC and some little fuck face came a long and signed otmp or some thing like that on the scroll if was them i would have been so heated o well not my peice it was still bomb ass fuck though
  9. AliasL1A

    AliasL1A Member

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    I guess I would just have to say the guy that got me into it/that I write with. A few of you have seen my stuff and we're honestly the best ones around.. so that gives you an idea of how lame it is here.
  10. EKE

    EKE Senior Member

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    THX crew and atlas and Mr. Cartoon
  11. AliasL1A

    AliasL1A Member

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    Haha, he writes Pawz
  12. tesfortis

    tesfortis Senior Member

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  13. CodeSix

    CodeSix Member

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    i live in a small city but we have a few good artists. they go by Envoy and Atrane
  14. -Saiko-

    -Saiko- Senior Member

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    The hero that more inspired me would have to be "Kose" some guy who wrote it, he wrote it everywhere and even in the day in the most public places you could think of. He has amazing, untill he got caught lmao, now he uses another tag :p
  15. Mace

    Mace Senior Member

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    kwest is the fuckin man all of HSA is killin it tdot on lock
  16. rolling roks

    rolling roks Senior Member

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    The Pi crew (mostly Avoid Quite and Aems they are all over the place)
    Proton RT (very simple tags but good peices and stencils)
    Ishmael (one of the uppest mofos with stickers also very simple tags)
  17. enjoys_art

    enjoys_art Member

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    from Springfield mass.- "Lime"
    Manchester and hartford connecticut- "din"

    I really like Limes bridges they are drip free and he has original letters.

    I also like "din" cuz his tag is so catchy and he hits places that are wicked hard to hit cuz cops, pplz, etc.
  18. REPZ

    REPZ Member

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  19. westsida

    westsida Elite Member

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    mainly NORK and SOBZ a bit.....doesnt have much stuff, but hes sick.

    those are the only writers close to me (well ther 9 miles from me but close-ish)

    Norks really up and got steeez aswell
  20. SER.. :O

    SER.. :O Member

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    as far as local, my cousin YENS, havent seen ANYONE with his style and its sleek and crisp with the color. This dude named CEKS, hes fuckin everywhere right now, has a bunch of styles and really dont give a fuck. And the legend in Frisco, TWIST!!! of course hehheh.

    Scene is only small here cuz theres so many houses and not that much buildings hehheh