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Who Are Your Local Heros And Why?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by youngboy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. BLES1

    BLES1 Member

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    Ces53 , dude has been writing like over 16 years , +he's still busy with both legal and illegal shit and makes money off graff.

    Time , he has a toy handstyle but like alot , ALOT tags all around rotterdam

    and the peeps from VOT , cause they still hit trains. massively(VOT =vandals on trains)
  2. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    bles niet te nederlands he?
    my hero is superman cause he saved me
    and every writer who has spirit and passion for graffiti
  3. H1P30N3R

    H1P30N3R Elite Member

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    FST krew (dark)
  4. NoJusticeNoPeace.

    NoJusticeNoPeace. New Member

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    What this chap said.:(
  5. Havoc97

    Havoc97 Member

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    small town

    i dont have any local heroes where i live, im a toy and im one of the best people in town, some local train tags literally look like someone shit on there hand and wiped it on the train to make a "S" shape
  6. RES4

    RES4 Elite Member

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  7. DeadManWalking

    DeadManWalking Member

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    Around where im from one of my favorite writers is Vomet his shits real nice. but non-local would be Tie *RIP*
  8. Sesh

    Sesh Member

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    When I first began I saw, RESER and DEKOY(NWK,ETC).

    As time rolls on, I find myself inspired alot by SUEME, DEMOS, and VIRUS.

    All very ill. Props to BHG, POS, NWK, SBK, ETC......If anyone knows vancity, is NWK still active?
  9. CrookOne

    CrookOne Senior Member

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    nwk still gets up homes.. DIFER, DEMOS, ENSOE etc... i'm looking for people to paint with hit me up, you seem to be in my same area.

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    out of tha whole state of Cali my heros are

    Chaka=His graffiti speks 4 itself & he a local la legend
    Prime=Met Him Somewhere I 4got but he a cool dude ta chill wit
    CAB CREW=Besides MTA & LOD i personally think thay tha 3rd most known cali crew
    MTA CREW=Had tha la citiez biggest tag thay still do i think(real inspiration)
    KWS CREW=Local homies thay all cool @ 1 point thay was under tha 18st
    LOD CREW=Tha 1st crew hit up was of course LOD so thtz it
    Tempt=Got me doin graffiti in tha 1st place
    Smear=knownn him 4 a cool minute reall laid bacc
    Legendary Risky0ne=speaks 4 itself
  11. mekosbc

    mekosbc Senior Member

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  12. CrookOne

    CrookOne Senior Member

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    word big ups / respek to Revise from GH
  13. ARRA159

    ARRA159 Senior Member

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    idk bout hero but i like his work

    sekt/ sekto
  14. Willis1989

    Willis1989 Senior Member

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    unfortunately for me I dont know any artists locally :(
  15. KAZonee

    KAZonee Senior Member

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    my heros are anybody in ykk dod 5mh fyl acc etc..

    veefer - no explanation needed
    JA - the same with vfr
    ICU - cause he DESTROYS highways
    kez5 - idk
    map - cuz hes cool like that
    dink - he waves around a guna in state your name
    boner- his one letter throwie (same with map)
    alot of other writer cant really think of any more
  16. Dr01d1

    Dr01d1 Member

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    Crome - Sick Style he shades so well
    Atomik - Represents Florida
    Take1 - Dude goes to high school with me, a senior, and hes already made a name for himself in ATV and he has pieces on miami
    Ox - Dudes fuckin everywhere. Sometimes I go take a shit in a porta potty I look down... Fuckin Ox scrawled on the floor.
  17. ASHiS

    ASHiS Senior Member

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    I don't have a hero in my neiborhood because noone else writes where I live..
  18. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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    dude, your King then.. reign in power my friend
  19. RedEyes

    RedEyes Elite Member

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  20. Task977

    Task977 Senior Member

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    My local heroes are above and all of SDK