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Who Are Your Local Heros And Why?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by youngboy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Culprit

    Culprit New Member

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  2. Skeletor1134

    Skeletor1134 Senior Member

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    ive been writing for about a year now and im completely addicted. im from chicago and its a hidden gem of graffiti. my favorite crews are d30, kwt and edsk. they got some raw ass fuckin writers. Amuse, Morgan, Chem789, Wyse, Thief, Snacki, Noteef, Big l.

    sorry for sounding like a fag.
  3. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    its ok, there's a lotta fag-sounding people in here
  4. toopski

    toopski Guest

    to many to name in just adelaide alone, just a few would be most of the writers in these crews aod, 73a, gm, fa, dsm, tsc and many more

    one that some internation ppl may know from adelaide would be fusion 73a if u havent seen his shit b4 hes writing for 73a and i think dts these days living in qld to my knowledge

    see his stuff in the movie not guilty
  5. REVNoner

    REVNoner Member

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    Shine. ***** just don't give a fuck. Throws shit up everywhere.
  6. nah!

    nah! Banned

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  7. Beastizm

    Beastizm Banned

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    favorite crews in my area is dat, rnr, and 5bb. favourite writers is space dat, note rnr, doze dat, zen dat and rep 2 dat
  8. heist101

    heist101 Member

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    Ajar _Seattle..Has mad spots in crazy locations
  9. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    ME, Im the only writer in town, even the state.
  10. KingHaole

    KingHaole Member

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    BEAK 03
    Best writer on the rock, doesn't bullshit with tags, just art
    Not many good writer in Hawaii though, mostly just faceless taggers
  11. MN Nice

    MN Nice Elite Member

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    Lucid, Static, Shock, Rekonize, Helok
  12. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    Everyone in my town is shit. But Tanks and Reks get up pretty often. They're aight.
  13. Skadeem

    Skadeem Senior Member

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    fowl, stoer, woem, ores, sicr, ruinr, valet, lobe, haven to name a few writers

    lords, moms, koc and all crews in between.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2012
  14. Mori

    Mori Senior Member

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    Jive, emit df, and of coarse koze tko, got UPS on every block in my area
  15. shiftfoot

    shiftfoot New Member

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    Mine es SAPE hes the shit, put art in my hood and fucked the place up
  16. spher

    spher Senior Member

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    definatly rom cause they were the only people up at the time !!!!!!
  17. Sale

    Sale New Member

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    My dude: SloweR. He got me into the game.
  18. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    vomet ohno enzo
    im in atlanta btw
  19. Coleo

    Coleo Elite Member

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    MAZES is my local hero because hes the only intermediete guy in CT
  20. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    Boiler,Luter,Timer,Gomes,and every one from ATB i currently live in oroville california