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Why Do You Write?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fluffy Bunnies, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. PS187

    PS187 Banned

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    I write cause ive always loved art and im one of the people just like all you who feels there art is great and it has to be seen and what better place for it to be seein then on the streets?
  2. Simon

    Simon Senior Member

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    No one writes in my town, The only other writer I've seen lately is a stencilist going by the name of Atilla. I guess I write because it gives me the oppurtunity to do something artistic and I live graffiti, just doing it feels fun, I used to play xbox when I get home from school but now I just draw up new shit haha. The rap group Hilltop Hoods got me into graff
  3. SneeZ

    SneeZ Senior Member

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    I've always been drawing everywhere, since i was a child. Now i'm on academy n shit. i think graffs are a way of expressing myself. It's the act of my alter-ego. And the streets are the best galleries, avalible for everybody. And I also respect architecture, culture, old buildings, statues and shit so i don't write there, i'm not the stupid fuck who does this. I have my own codex of writing, so some of you do also have it and for those who apply to it, writing shoulden't be breaking the law.

  4. nah!

    nah! Banned

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    i ask myself that
  5. Madballs

    Madballs Member

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    I write for the adrenaline, for vandalism, and for the art itself.
    The adrenaline I get after hitting busy a spot is obsessively addicting.
    Destroying the freshly buffed walls or boxes and seeing your name everywhere, give a sense of overwhelming satisfaction.
    The art of graffiti has so much potential and so do I, its incorporated into my everyday life.
    I'm no King, probably still a toy, more or less a local writer, I intend to stay in the game all my life.
    As we undergo drastic improvements, the shit you see on the streets become less and less of a dream.
    Over time, being able to own that shit and get better and better. THIS is why, as a graffiti artist, I write.
  6. aaesoo

    aaesoo Senior Member

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    fpr personal fulfillment.
  7. Saiko

    Saiko Senior Member

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    I write for many reasons. The main one is because my life sucks and it's a way to vent all of the anger i've got inside of me. When i'm at school, no one talks to me because i talk "like i'm better than everybody" and listen to a different kind of music. I get home and my stepfather hates me...just because. But then i hop into my cargos, grab my bag and go into the streets. When i meet other artists, they greet me with open arms. In that instance, i guess i do it for a sense of belonging as well.
    God only knows if there's something deeper...
  8. GuyGuyer of Guyland

    GuyGuyer of Guyland Senior Member

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  9. Lemur

    Lemur Member

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    I like seeing my stuff around town and other writings things on new places
  10. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Join a gang bruh! Jokes. If you are doing it for a sense of belonging be careful, you might go into too deep and become someone you're not. But now you are so it is you blah blah blah.
  11. ChemE

    ChemE New Member

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    I do it for political reasons. I feel that I could spend 4 or 5 days writing a manifesto that would never be read...or I could make an image that would grab their undivided attention for 20 seconds. I appreciate the outlet of venting my frustration with our materialistic society. I am an anarcho-primitivist. I don't believe in property damage or destruction because property has no feelings and since we all at one point paid taxes...I might as well get a piece of that wall.

    Art, outlet, spreading a message, and fighting my insomnia. My day job (chemical engineer) is too angular and uptight. I feel released when I am alone at 3 am. I is therapeutic in a sense. Better than taking prozac.
  12. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    you can send that prozac my way
  13. serk757

    serk757 Senior Member

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    Do you know what I hate the most? When hipster faggots come at me with the whole "Graffiti is love bro. It's a form of art that you can make into whatever you want man! It's a true art form! You can't think that way dude, stencils aren't gay"

    No motherfucker, graffiti is a close-minded "form of art" full of egotistical assholes that will smoke you if you don't understand it. Not no hipster stencil bullshit.


  14. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    short rant^. comes down to the *****s that know how to act vs the fools that dont(which = the majority). *****s that r humble to get down w/ a superior, and fools that cant get down cause they aint got the knowledge or the skill.
  15. Word Wizard

    Word Wizard Member

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    I write for the art, the colors, the depth. Screw vandalism man. No disrespect to others, but i would never go out bombing just to vandalize.
    I also love the feeling of seeing your name roll by on a train. Thats the greatest.
    But the feeling of not being able to tell alot of people sucks, cause its such a small town and word spreads fast. Especially if you just did a crazy piece. Haha, im sure y'all know what im talkin about.
  16. GuyGuyer of Guyland

    GuyGuyer of Guyland Senior Member

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    youre a fucking hypocritical idiot.
  17. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    so besides the obvious, what is the fundamental difference between vandalizing a building that is not yours, and vandalizing a train that is not yours?

    i think guyguyer nailed it when he called you a "fucking hypocritical idiot".
  18. AKnR

    AKnR Senior Member

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    For the love of the game. Rep my name steady building the fame. Plus the feeling is like no other. PS Fuck them toy ass bitch writers who have no fukin style and still slash your name
  19. VILE(206)FLC

    VILE(206)FLC New Member

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    I write to express my artistic nature ;)... MAN FUCK THAT! I write because i want people to see VILE-FLC on a wall and say, "man! That cat can paint!" or see me on a roof spot and think to themselves "man VILE has some balls that spot is crazy!" i write to get respect from other writers and it helps that it is fun haha. I thrive to have the absolute most amount of fame on the streets. I also have been writing a lot more lately cause i am trying to get into a new crew, but shhhhh dont tell FLC hahaha no i am kidding BTM and FLC are tight theres no beef in the mix a switch would be good for both crews i think.
  20. dreisus

    dreisus Senior Member

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    I write because when you go out bombing you get a insane adrenaline rush!!!! And also its an awesome feeling when you hear your mates say what a sick piece you did or if you hear a random person comment on how good it looks!