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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aero, May 3, 2005.

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why you guys graff?

  1. for the fame

  2. cause you love art

  3. for your friends

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  4. to express yourself

  5. to destroy

  6. for the adrenaline boost you get when you go on a big spot

  7. none of the above

  1. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    I just got into it so I cant really say its anything for the fame at all..
    Right now I am just doing it to test my art I guess.
    Once I know the " unwritten laws " of graff I will probaly step up to try and to do it for some props and " fame "
  2. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    i write because i dont have any friends, and nothing else better to do, might as well do something that has astonished me for years.
  3. sier323

    sier323 Member

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    every one was 2 do it 4 fame or pride

    or just for the fuck of it
  4. ILL

    ILL Elite Member

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    the devil tells me to
  5. ME5T2

    ME5T2 Member

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    i think graffiti would just die if it was legal. like u said. think about it.
    `no rush of addren. cuz its legal.
    `the toxins in spray paint would eventually damage something in this world.
    `maybe the ozone.
    `there would be more beef than ever.
    `evryday nice pieces would get buffed cuz there would prob be no room to write anyways
    `what kind of respect would u get for hitting heaven spots and other shit if its leagal?
    `anybody can hit legal spots.
    well i guess u get my point.

    graff needs to stay illegal. the crime and time is what should change.

    and when i said graffiti ruled the streets and one day will again. i mean people will repsect and for one learn how to read and take notice. and change the worlds perspective of things. graffiti isnt just letters and numbers and cartoons..
  6. *570 Ambush

    *570 Ambush Senior Member

    • Messages: 244
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    cuz i admire all types of art, and this is the only one that givs u as much adrenilen as it does
  7. -ST3N1K-

    -ST3N1K- Member

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    its just another thing to do that ur not aloud too
    its fun
  8. DaseONE

    DaseONE Senior Member

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    Fame destruction and sport, Im going to be remember'd for everyfucking thing i do in graffiti good or bad im going to get up and spit in the faces of these kids who think their better then me.
  9. SIAH

    SIAH Senior Member

    • Messages: 343
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    mainly because i have such a love for art, it runs my life,if i get cuaght in the zone sketching in my black book then i'll skip work to finish it...i plan making a living off of art when i'm older so i don't hesitate to it take the top on my priority list. it realls helps me exspress myself, i really have bad pyschological and emotional problems and nothing helps besides helps me center myself,get my chakras aligned, if it weren't for art and my mother i would kill myself, life wouldn't be worth living for me.i love graff for the; art, expression, fame, and so many other's not a hobby, it's a way of life.
  10. Socrates

    Socrates Senior Member

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    because im so damn gangsta
    word is bond
  11. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

    • Messages: 891
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    I dont know why.? B) :rolleyes:
  12. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,480
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    I do it to express myself, but when im not bombing, I'm usually engaging in oral sex with Flash's mom.
  13. someone13

    someone13 Member

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    i write because i love this art style and all art
  14. -AbSrD

    -AbSrD Senior Member

    • Messages: 289
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    fuck the fame n fuck the friends n fuck nebody who does it to be cool

    i do this shit for nobody

    cuz nobody cares graffitis nothing to alot of the population

    i dont care how much shit you get in or the injuries you sustain or how dirty my shit gets

    i do it for the feeling of being one with the wall. for applying part of yourself onto something so foreign
    i do it for everybody too see. the lovers and the haters
    i do it because theres nothing else for me
    i do it because i dont give a fuck
    i do it for no reason
    and every reason possibly comprehendable
    i do it as a fuck you to everybody whoever doubted something about me
    or who ever wished ill upon me
    i do it too bomb
    and i do it to burn
    i do it because though society has a foot up on me
    ill always have the real higher foot on society
    i do it for the feeling when your going 2 the wall ur about to hit
    the time you spend hitting it
    n the feeling u have walking away

    i do it because it dosent matter what comes and goes i will always have this
    and no matter how many times you try and stop me ill never be stopped

    i do it to feel human. fuck i do it 2 feel completely inhuman

    theres too many reasons to categorize why you do it
    i suppose some people do it for less lofty reasons such as fame
    which is a perk to it
    but theres no reason to do it
    n why care
    just do it. n i aint talkin fuckin nike.
  15. ECGA

    ECGA Senior Member

    • Messages: 99
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    i got interested in it a while back, and i just stuck with it....i really dont know...i think pretty much the main reason is the looking at somthing you made all by yourself, and seeing it look good...thats a good feeling. i guess also because you get to do somthing that people say you cant/shouldnt/wouldnt do...that makes you happy.
  16. stewa_sk8

    stewa_sk8 Senior Member

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    waw, great list of reasons ... :rolleyes: ;)
  17. Nosh

    Nosh Banned

    • Messages: 25
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    i said cuz i love art but i also do it for the adreniline and to express myself
    i wish i could choose more then one :lol:
  18. Chainsaw Gutsfuck.

    Chainsaw Gutsfuck. Member

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    I was writing graff for ages until i got caught writing by the police. i was't up that much or anything but i was bombin this big container with a mop.
    Break fluid.
    Meths ( Paint thinner )
    Always goes down well. B)
    Then the police show up i had paint all over my hands and t-shirt so i knew i was caught..

    After that me and a couple of my mates started to write. I apparently inspired them to write graff again. LK CREW. SACTONE. :D
  19. Bruce_1nR

    Bruce_1nR Senior Member

    • Messages: 205
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    Chainsaw Gutsfuck....fannypack uprock...whats next...backpack downrock?
  20. stewa_sk8

    stewa_sk8 Senior Member

    • Messages: 222
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    so you don't bomb any more ??? that's shame ... :unsure: :(