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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aero, May 3, 2005.

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why you guys graff?

  1. for the fame

  2. cause you love art

  3. for your friends

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  4. to express yourself

  5. to destroy

  6. for the adrenaline boost you get when you go on a big spot

  7. none of the above

  1. pcp

    pcp New Member

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    i do it cause half the pplout there that walk downtown all they c is filth and i just wana change that 1 piece at a time.
  2. SNOW-631-

    SNOW-631- Member

    • Messages: 10
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    i do it cuz i love art and the adreniline rush and weight loss when running from cops lol true though
  3. SKiL

    SKiL Member

    • Messages: 16
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    i do it for the fame and although some say different things most ppl got into from seeing others shit and said thats cool let me do 1 at least thats fame because u seen other ppl gaining fame and u wanted it too

    at least thaqts how alot of ppl told me
  4. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,121
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    I do it cuz it's the most fun I can have for free...
    Makes me happy
    Kinda get famous
    Cuz it's an addiction

    end transmission.
  5. case3

    case3 Member

    • Messages: 36
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    cuz if ur made out of paint like me ther aint much else to do B)
  6. KrYlOnKiD

    KrYlOnKiD Member

    • Messages: 16
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    i do graff for da motherfuckin fame lol im here to show hatin ass faggots that im here to stay and im a force to be reckoned with lol hahahaa ya thas my goal is to show these haters wasup -Late Oner (RIP Norman Taylor)
  7. NaturalBombingSkills

    NaturalBombingSkills Senior Member

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    :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  8. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

    • Messages: 783
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    Because I can.
  9. Krole

    Krole Member

    • Messages: 34
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    Whoever said "to destroy" is obviously a fag.
  10. stewa_sk8

    stewa_sk8 Senior Member

    • Messages: 222
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    because motherfucking i can !!!! ;)
  11. whoarethereal evil

    whoarethereal evil Elite Member

    • Messages: 587
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    probably coz im bored

    and it gets herendoulsy addictive

    and yeah coz i can hahahaha
  12. Red3

    Red3 Senior Member

    • Messages: 230
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    Closest answer is adrenaline I guess, but I do it to forget about all the other stuff in my life, ever since I did my first throw, I've been going out everynight(no joke). It feels great, but I want to keep spraying, more and more.
  13. peng.2

    peng.2 Senior Member

    • Messages: 213
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    i do it for the following:

    for the fame

    to express my self

    to destroy shit

    and for da adrenaline :)
  14. fakeone

    fakeone Member

    • Messages: 6
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    i do it for all of the above im adicted
  15. ~LOOK~

    ~LOOK~ Senior Member

    • Messages: 147
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    i do it because it makes me happy. because i feel like im full of all this shit that i just need to get out of my brain, and the feeling i get when im laying there about to fall asleep after doing any type of tagging or painting i feel like i just got some of that shit out of me, and i can rest for a while. but that doesnt last long :D
  16. Red3

    Red3 Senior Member

    • Messages: 230
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    Someone described what I meant
  17. Code_sucht

    Code_sucht Banned

    • Messages: 1,008
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    To Express myself

    I put my heart into Every peice.
  18. stewa_sk8

    stewa_sk8 Senior Member

    • Messages: 222
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    waw ??? that's bad man ...
    bored with graffiti ??? <_< :huh:
  19. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

    • Messages: 269
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    i do it to scare my mom lol syke i do it to feel like i own something and to destroy all the plain stuff that bores me everyday plus its kinda like my little flag in a mountain my tag says "ive been here"
  20. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

    • Messages: 229
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    cause its my hobby. i like the thrill of it..