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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by djsupreeme, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. Hyperactiveness?

    Hyperactiveness? Senior Member

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  2. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    How about next person to post about how bad the thread is gets bitch-spanked? It's winter, nobody's getting up anyways, what do you expect.
  3. tre tre

    tre tre Member

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    its not the threads fault buddy its YOUR fault.
  4. bloodrunscold

    bloodrunscold Member

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    shitty ass camera:(
    hahah .... awww geees
    Peace spiok slak Raw
    the whole bb team
  5. weak0ner

    weak0ner Moderator

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    thank you random nerd.
  6. kid.two2er

    kid.two2er Member

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  7. bloodrunscold

    bloodrunscold Member

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    and i burn yours ... retard dont talk shit cause u got nothing to show for it ... when have u ever seen slak do a 2 color peice ??? he's dope .... thats why i gave him a shout out ur a fucking dumbbby that peice was from 2 weeks into winter atleast im getting out there when it's below zero sleep tight....... ur a joke
  8. ionator

    ionator Member

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    wow bs is real BS now our thread anywayz

    FAMOUS New Member

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    Just moved to this east side of this shit hole city. For a place with so many freights does anybody actually get up from here....or do you bitches just hit Junior High Schools?!
  10. bloodrunscold

    bloodrunscold Member

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    Thats why I left...........
  11. anus-two cbw

    anus-two cbw Senior Member

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  12. bridgeT

    bridgeT Member

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    Ga-bage fuckin' ga-bage
  13. Tekel

    Tekel Elite Member

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    you need to "Pour" out some flicks.
  14. wpgtags

    wpgtags Senior Member

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    -45 C = no graffiti
  15. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

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    That 'Kels' is fucking dope.
  16. HundredMillion

    HundredMillion Member

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    bump that relish too, phat shit.
  17. ??????????????????????

    ?????????????????????? Member

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    i just read through this whole thread in the past couple days looks like its about dead , lots of shit talking but damn props to everyone who is actually painting. and from what ive seen in this thread and outside props to cash,chefo,smoke,pour,intro,kome,2for,adore,pear damn some nice shit alot of others too. as for the people trying to get everybody to hold hands and get along, shit talking, fighting and going over people is a part of graff get over it or gtfo ..
  18. MeNu$

    MeNu$ Guest

    wtf is that from the paper?
  19. PegCityBoy

    PegCityBoy Senior Member

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    soooo word is colors has montana gold :D jus a heads up
  20. beefeater

    beefeater Member

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    toys better crack open those piggy banks. it's gonna cost you all months allowance to buy your talent from Montana Gold.