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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by djsupreeme, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. MeNu$

    MeNu$ Guest

    Ha you kids dont know shit
  2. Member

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    listen to tre tre or mr dobalina
    for advice on where to get markers...
    not these other kids with their Michael's business.

  3. yortseD.eht.hturT.

    yortseD.eht.hturT. Senior Member

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    You guys got some orig stuff up in winnipeg *ups*
  4. urMOM

    urMOM Senior Member

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    why? its fags like you that make this thread bull shit! POST PICS!!!

    this band is sick !!! there comming to town on the 20th check em out!!

    View attachment 441836
  5. AnotherDead

    AnotherDead Banned

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    if your specificaly look for graffiti markers such as OTR's, Molotows, Krinks and so on. you cant buy them in winnipeg. Urban bakery discontinued selling them awhile back due to parents complaining and all this shit. but if your looking for a marker as in a paint marker. you can pick that up at pretty much any art store here. you can also just order off and other online graffiti shop sites.

    flick for talking
  6. bloodrunscold

    bloodrunscold Member

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    that daub peice was from backin the day when the train bridge was chillen ....
  7. ~SWIFT~

    ~SWIFT~ New Member

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    anyone know which stores got decent spray paint not locked up? besides canadian tire
  8. MeNu$

    MeNu$ Guest

  9. G-soul

    G-soul Senior Member

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  10. MrDobalina

    MrDobalina Senior Member

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    be carefull what you say online kids

    or get


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    Anyone got some RUSE PR flicks?
  12. ~SWIFT~

    ~SWIFT~ New Member

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    wow bud. I ain't a cop. im just wondering because the only place i know i can rac paint easily is canadian tire but its not that great
  13. Officer Don Eval

    Officer Don Eval Member

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    fuck you guys are dumb and who ever posted that daub pic is extra dumb
  14. 204Bomba

    204Bomba New Member

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    swift, i was driving in transcona yesterday and i say your stuff on a elementry school.... Your flat out horrible, your the kind of guy that makes graff look like vandilism and not art, you shouldnt even be out with paint yet if thats how you are, props to biast and qtk for keepin transcona alive
  15. FailOne

    FailOne Senior Member

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    hardly anyone writes in tcona n if they do 9 times out of 10 their wack
    nobodys keepin it alive in tcona cause the graff in that area might as well be dead

    and why are you givin away rackin spots on the net are you brain dead?
  16. bANshee

    bANshee Senior Member

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    yeah no shit, watch the kids come runnin...
    the managers their say its an insult to their customers if the paint is behind glaSS.
  17. spiok...dsc

    spiok...dsc Member

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    for those who dont know FUK STEEZ ........snitchin on homiez is the deepest shit you could do son!!!!! o ya fuk salo .......FUKIN RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. justa.pikture.poester

    justa.pikture.poester Member

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    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
  19. weak0ner

    weak0ner Moderator

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    bump that shit. RATS GET BLACKLISTED LIKE COMMIES!!!!!!!!!

    BLACKLISTED Senior Member

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    weak sauce.

    And the police shouldnt be investigating graffiti related crimes right now, they have enough murderers out there to bee lookin for.
    i havent seen anyone been arrested for shooting Lahai yet.........
    city's gotta get its fuckin priorities straight.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009