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Working Out & Weight Lifting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iThrow, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. iThrow

    iThrow Senior Member

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    So I dont know how well this will work out but thought I'd give it a try.
    Since rugby season is coming up I'm starting to work out and condition myself. So for anyone else who trains, this thread is for asking related questions, posting your workouts and getting critiques and advice on what you can do differently.

    I'll start off with the program I'm starting aimed at strength, conditioning and muscle endurance;

    Day One - Chest and Back
    Bench - 5 x 5, 3 Rep Max
    Push Ups to failure - 3 sets
    Weighted Dips - 5 x 12
    Incline Dumbbell Bench - 5 x 5
    Chinups to failure - 3 sets
    Lat Pull Down - 5 x 12
    Deadlifts - 5 x 5, 3 Rep Max

    Day Two - Endurance & Core
    3 lap warm up
    Sprint 30 seconds, light jog for 1 minute - repeat for 10 minutes
    2 laps at pace
    Sprint 15 seconds, 45 seconds at pace - repeat for 10 minutes
    2 lap jog as a cool down
    Iron cross, plank/side plank and situp circuit for 10 - 15 minutes

    Day Three - Legs & Arms/Shoulders
    Squat - 5 x 5
    Hamstring Curl - 5 x 12
    Leg Press - 5 x 5
    Barbell Curl - 21 x 1
    Shoulder Raise - 5 x 5
    Hammer Curls - 4 x 12
    Military Press - 5 x 5

    So feel free to critique mine, or add your own for advice.
  2. JudgeWizely

    JudgeWizely Senior Member

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    I need some help, im pretty skinny n I struggle to put on weight even if i eat like crazy n dont do any excercises. I attempt to put on some mass by doing bicep curls. I did that for a few months fairly rigously but I didnt see any improvements. Any advice
  3. EST2007

    EST2007 Elite Member

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    eat high protein foods, like hard boiled egg whites, yogurt, whole grains. and like the first guy, u gotta do a lot more than bicep curls. u cant just concentrate on one body part and expect to gain noticeable mass. personally i prefer body resistance excercises, like crunches, push ups, pull ups, dips ect... i'd rather be cut and proportionally strong than huge and bulky.
  4. tha wite rabbit

    tha wite rabbit Senior Member

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    theres a couple tricks for ggetting to be the best you.... there are three body types each one has different strengths and weaknesses,
    endomorph-more fatty tissue than other two body types, medium width shoulders, but with diet and excersice can transform into either an ectomorph or a mesomorph
    ectomorph- thin low body fat thin slighter frame, exceeds at endurance sports(cross country runner)
    mesomorph-broad shoulders and neck with some body fat (10-12% approx?) exceeds at sports such as, sprinting, shot put, lifting up heavy shit
    you can change your body type into any one of these with diet and excersice... i am a natural mesomorph so this is the workout thats best for ME maybe not you
    workout rep guide
    3-6 reps very heavy weight(strength)
    6-12 modreate to heavy weight (bulk)
    12-infinity (endurance)
    remember body builders look big but they are not strong and fast in proportion to their size, you want to be ideally strong and quick, so heres my off season workout
    all my work outs have a 1:45 rest unless it says to jump
    incline bench 3 sets 6 reps heaviest weight for that rep range
    bench 3 sets 6 reps heaviest weight for that rep range
    decline bench 3 sets 6 reps heaviest weight for that rep range
    squats 3 sets 10 reps heaviest weight for that rep range, or 5 sets of 6 reps
    run for a half an our or 3 miles
    flatbar lat row heavy weight10 reps, from there jump to wide grip pullups ten reps
    add dimes to each side 8 reps, jump to wide grip with weight belt (10lbs) ten reps
    add ten more to each side 6 reps, jump back to wide grip and have 20lbs on ur belt

    dumbell lat rows 6 reps jump to pullup bar do chin ups 10 reps rest do the same thing over, just add weight wen doing pullups amd decrease reps if ness.
    do good mornings with light weight dont hurt your back 10 reps
    go home do some crunches hit the heavy bag for a half an hour
    ill finish the workout tommorow

    CUBANO Senior Member

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    Start eating better....i don't really have a written down routine....i just go and remember it in my head...but do different weight/reps every time....

    Take some supplements also.....maybe some NO2 to get the blood going to your muscles and a post-workout protein shake....
    Eggs, tuna....loaded with fucking protein.....
  6. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    whered the other thread like this go?

    NO2 is definitely whats up.
    NaNo vapor is really good too. pricy, but the results are there. you hold your pump alot longer than usual, and you get veiny as a mofuggaa. haha

    cubano's right, its all about eating right..
    i suggest investing in some Detour bars.
    even if you just eat like half of one between meals, instead of other junk.

    anyone who's reallly into lifting;
  7. iThrow

    iThrow Senior Member

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    Eat mass amounts of good food. Pack in shit like oatmeal and high protein meat. And if your looking to just build mass, work on a 5 x 5 program that just focuses on heavy weights.
  8. iVIBE

    iVIBE Senior Member

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    Good thread idea.
    The way to gain mass is very high protien diet and to really push yourself with weight lifting. It's best to find a lifting partner who will kick your ass everyday by pushing you to your limits. But don't over do it. Make sure to spread out your workouts. So say you work out 5 days a week. Monday is upper body. Tuesday is lower body. Wednesday is core. Thursday is upper body. Friday is lower body. Or any variation you see to fit your schedule.

    My upper body workout.
    Stretch for 15 minutes.
    Bench press 4x4 ( heavy weight)
    Incline bench press 4x4 (heavy weight)
    Military press 4x10
    Skull crushers 3x10 ( lightweight)
    Barbell curl 3x7 (heavy weight)
    Chest fly 3x10 ( light weight)
    Dips 3x15.
    Power clean 3x10
    Seated row 3x10
    Lat pull 3x10
    Stretch for 15 minutes ( Important!)

    Lower body workout.
    Stretch for 15 minutes.
    Squats 3x10
    Leg extension 3x10
    Leg curl 3x10
    Dumbell step ups 3x15
    Calf raise 3x10 ( heavy weight)
    Sprint 3x200 yards. (45 seconds or less, 1 minute Rest in between)
    Stretch for 15 minutes.

    Important things to know about weight lifting. Free weight are better than machines for helping to build muscle. Always use free weights if you the chance. And another key to really build muscle is. For every lift you do. Take the weight down slowly and explode back up. That will help TONS!
  9. iThrow

    iThrow Senior Member

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    For building mass and strength use free weights because they incorporate your stabilizing muscles. Smith machine squats are purely legs, while free weight squats include your core and other muscles involved in balancing the weight. Just a tidbit I thought i'd add/
  10. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    i used to lift weights like 7 days a week in the summer then i went a little too far with bench and fucked up my back but i can bench like 145-165 right now. lookin to get to around 200 by the end of the summer, gotta get back on my shit.
  11. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    oh man silent you set yourself up for these things....
  12. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    i dont set myself up for anything if you aint thinkin like a fuckin retard
  13. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    dude it's SO HOT when you post in italics
  14. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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    I always thought about making this topic haha.

    Day 1
    Flat DB press 5x8
    Incline BB press3x5
    Upright Rows5x10

    Day 2
    Leg Press-3x10
    Calf Raises-3 sets to failure

    Day 3
    BB and DB curls4x8
    Hammer curls 3x10
    Upright Rows 5x10
    Military Press5x5
    Pull ups 5 sets to failure

    I also do 100 push ups and 90 crunches every day through out the day

    I take prolab creatine monohydrate, whey protein and Animal Pak
  15. iThrow

    iThrow Senior Member

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    Is Animal Pak a good investment?
  16. LostYouth

    LostYouth Elite Member

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    i aint that serious
    i wanted to get a six pack like 3 months ago and started doin mad sit ups, like 75 a night sometimes a hundred (it really didnt work and have kinda gaven up on it latley)
    then i wanted some biceps so i started pumpin my 20lbs wieghts i got and threw out my shoulder so bad it still hurts like a month later
    now im just playin ball tryin to get back into shape
  17. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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    Yes, if I had to choose one of the few supps I take it would be Animal Pak.

    You don't get a six pack from working out your abs, you get it from having a lower bodyfat percentage. Eat healthier and do some cardio and you'll get abs.
  18. iThrow

    iThrow Senior Member

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    Oh right on, because I was thinking of snaggin' a few packs. I was thinking of trying Nuclear Garbage, if anyones tried it let me know.
  19. Rolo

    Rolo Member

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    For people that want 6 pack abs. All you gotta do is do cardio 4 times a week. And eat healthy! No, fast foods and gym equipment you don't need. All you need is to walk,run or jog, or buy a jump rope if you can't go outside at the moment. Do it for 30 mins ever other day. I guatantee that you start to see abs. Cardio is more important then weight lifting. To gain weight you wanna either a health choice eat alot of healthy high protein foods such as: beans, peanut butter and so on. The other way to gain weight would to take a protein powder. Btw, if you only do your upper body and forget about your legs. Chances are you'll mess up your body and end up looking like a ape. Which is not a good look!
  20. BAGS

    BAGS Senior Member

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    day one:

    day two:
    45 minutes cardio

    day three:

    day four:

    day five:
    same as day one

    day six:

    Rest on Sundays.

    This week coming up starting tomorrow I'm gonna replace my weight lifting days with swimming followed by cardio the next day. I'm trying to keep my body guessing. After this week I'm gonna go back to lifting. I'm probably gonna alternate this kind of routine

    Followed by 6 days of exercising I drink a gallon of water a day, eat between 6-8 small meals a day and get good sleep.

    Currently I'm taking NO-Xplode and a 100% whey protein shake after my lifting days. I just started on Lipo-6 too.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009