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Worst thing happend to you while bombing.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by notorious_rame, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. nash2589

    nash2589 Moderator

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    oh f*ck man.

    Your story is probably the worst thing that could happen to someone bombing freight trains.


    What happened to your friend? Did he got injured as serious as you were?

    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    not that bad but...
    twice ive climed street lights with markers becasuse where i live there kinda tall but you can still read tags up there. and got up there to realize i lost my nib on the way up, learned my lesson about taking the marker cap off before climbing.

    and once there was this railing on the end of a tunnel and i was dangling on it by one arm with a can to get the high end of the wall on the entrence to the tunnel.. anyways i saw a cop on top of the tunnel and they usually loop from the road over the tunnel then park and walk down there cuz of all the gangs and shit.. so i dropped to run, bruised my heal real bad and the cop never even ended up going down there haha..
  3. Gust

    Gust Senior Member

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    that sucks man/\

    I bombed in only my boxers the other morning.
    I had to cross a stream, which i have done before, but we've had heavy rains in my area.
    I hiked up my shorts and was headed across, when I noticed it was really deep. I stepped in, and the muck at the bottom got me messed up, and I fell in. I got to the other side, and put my clothes out in the sun to dry. I got bored, and just did my piece without my clothes. no one came by luckily. That has probably been the weirdest thing to ever happen to me while painting.
    true story.
  4. Foo

    Foo Senior Member

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    Yes, a public bathroom lool. That is the most awkward thing ever.
  5. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    have a cop roll up with no where to run
  6. wolf806

    wolf806 Member

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    hanging over an overpass trying to piece the center. Had bought my very first can of good paint. (Before i always used cheap stuff) I got scared because I felt like i was slipping and dropped the can. It hit the street, the cap went bouncing and a truck ran over the can leaving a splat on the road....the piece never got finished.
  7. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    losing my paint while on the chase (3 years back)..

    me and my homies were on a wall that always gets destroyed but that spot is a gold mind spot shits in a main street and facing the freeway so good of a spot. anyways we were painting when a cop car did the spot light on us fucker jumps off the car , about 100 yard chase, if it wasnt for the lil fence he had to jump over we would of got cought for sure. so we ran and had to jump over a fucking huge wall i was the last one jumping the wall threw my bag of paint first and the cans fucking fell 4 out of 10 cans were saved and 7 where new :(. he couldnt jump the wall i guess cuz he never jumped over it , sad fucking night lost all the paint i had . but 2 days later i went back to check if my paint was there, nope NADA ..
  8. ur210

    ur210 Senior Member

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    I got stuck up by some1 with a gun. Lost like $150
  9. nes1

    nes1 Member

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    had my girl as my get away driver for my 1st night bombing... after a half hr of laying down and dodgen cars inbetween tagging, my girl decided to just leave me... i thought the car behind her was the cops n thats y she left so i ran untill they passed me lol... yea i was pissed..
  10. Tyler.

    Tyler. Senior Member

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    Some kook buffed a wall I had a steezy hollow on and proceded to try to copy my hollow (probably just to try and feel like me for 5 minutes) doing a hack job making it obvious it wasn't mine. "Hey I could do that".... retard.

    They did the same thing to one of my characters at a chill spot and left the neck all weird and elongated since they can't seem to paint as good as me, we've nicknamed em "NECK FACE"
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  11. Tyler.

    Tyler. Senior Member

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    Anyone able to that?
  12. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    grammar please!! it will ALL help us so much. ^^^^
  13. Tyler.

    Tyler. Senior Member

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    lol. i guess it beats getting shot at, but it is bizarrely funny.
  14. EDGEx585

    EDGEx585 Senior Member

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    pics though?
  15. Asis13

    Asis13 Senior Member

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    Was out during the summer not really doing much. Wasn't trying to go around and bomb the entire city or anything. Just had a couple cans in my bag and was biking around to pass some time. On my way home, I decide to stop for a few to catch a quick tag on a small concrete headwall...isolated spot, no one around, seemed pretty chill for the couple seconds I needed.
    Catch my tag, and go to jump back on my bike, and then the problem starts. Don't know how this happened, but when I went to push off the ground, my foot slipped. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, then I feel my knee cap sliding to the side and that shitty feeling of my left leg just giving out under me. Dislocated knee cap. Wonderful feeling. Couldn't move and I was left lying there basically beside my tag with a bag of paint. Called my buddy from the ground after lighting a smoke (figured I'd be immobile for a while) to come try and get me into his car and to the hospital. Well, no go on moving me, but he was at least able to grab my bag of paint before the ambulance came to hoist me away.

    Left me unable to walk for a few days and basically inactive for a couple months since I didn't want to be out in the yard one day, slip, and be stuck on the tracks with a busted up knee again.
  16. RESK_ONE12

    RESK_ONE12 Member

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    That sucks bro, a kneecap doesn't sounds like something to fuck with.

    But one of my shittiest experiences was my first time out. I live in a fairly suburban area so not much graff around me. but the town over, there is a considerable amount. So me and my homie who does it wait till about 2 o'clock to leave my house. It was easily 4 miles to walk to this spot, since me and my friend don't have a car. So after dodging everything that moved we got to our spot and just started some tags and a throwie on this skate park. Well after finishing with no problem, we start walking back and there is some guy walking his damn dog at 3:45 in the morning. So we spook the fuck out and my friend runs around the corner and straight down this 4 foot retaining wall neither of saw, landed flat on his face and fucked up his hip. After we realized the guy was just walking a dog, we felt dumb and walked an alternate way home that was easily another 5 miles. I think we slept till 1 in the afternoon the next morning.
  17. Mag

    Mag Member

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    Damn, u guys got some storys. I got chased by some sporty older guys for tagging lol. And the first time i went out, i just finished and i notice there was a few people watching me. They didnt do nothing but it scarred me. I aint got these fancy ass stories like u guys,