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You Know Your Addicted To Graff When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joust, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    When you have fat caps in your work pants.

    I'll move this to the general discussion part of the board.
  2. froj

    froj Senior Member

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  3. CraYon

    CraYon Elite Member

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    When you're staring at a children's book and thinking, "Woah man, I've gotta try that style."

    When you tear a person's drawing cuz his C looks like an E
  4. cuttingxedge

    cuttingxedge Senior Member

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    you got caught and you said to yourself that you quit
    and while your thinking bout this your throw is almost done.
  5. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    Dude you gave me a great idea...

    I want a tattoo of a Rusto Fat now! :lol:

    Seriously I do.
  6. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    when your high at work and all you can do is stare at brand name bubble letters.
  7. Atic

    Atic Senior Member

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    Your living in your parents basement, jobless, without a girlfriend, no friends, posting on the bombing science forums in your underpants, making threads called "you know know your addicted to graff when..." :)

    If you consider work and school downtime between getting up
  8. Pinkstin..

    Pinkstin.. Senior Member

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    when you pop a bone everytime you see a tight piece...
    well you know
  9. cAsHmOnEyMilLiOnArEhOtBoY

    cAsHmOnEyMilLiOnArEhOtBoY Senior Member

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    when your an actual good and/or up writer and you go on BS
  10. asteur

    asteur Senior Member

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    when your cat 's name is krylon or montana...
  11. cyras1

    cyras1 Elite Member

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    wwhen you look at the picture section every five minutes to see if someone has post any new flixs.
  12. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    whenever your mother yells "its time to get up" you move to grab your paint.

    When the smell of paint seeps into your cloths, so that in school the police officer shoots you a glance.

    keep it goin guys/gals!
  13. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    thanks. I love you too! :lol: ps i got a girlfriend and i live in my parents house with a year round job because im still in highschool (not gfor much longer :unsure: )

    KANZ-KONVIKS Senior Member

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    when you cant even smell the paint fumes anymore,
  15. m0dem_

    m0dem_ Elite Member

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    well...technaqly thats phicicly impossible......

    -you know your addicted to graffiti----

    *wen you go to skool tired and exhausted because you wer out burning the town last night.....

    *wen your bedroom floor is litter with cans markers... buckets of paint... and still wet rollers

    *wen you look back at a bomb/or tagg ..and completely forget wen you did it.....

    *wen you go to skool and your the only kidd with paint on hiss cloathes and shoes.

    *wen you only have 5 shirts and 4 jeanes that you havent spill paint on...(yet)

    *wen your at skool and your nose bleeds, and you dont notice till yur homies'z like wtf?? look at your nose......(were a mask!!!)

    *wen your at skool....and cant wait till its over so you can go bomb that new noticed on the way to skool....

    *wen you think creatiavly......notice shit around you as art.....things you wuld of never noticed b4..

    *wen theres a marker in your back pocket at ALL times.....

    *wen all your skool notes are....are coverd in ...bombs..tagggs.....karaks

    goodam...i know sum of us are glad their aint no "graffiti anonymos" cus i loved being hooked :D
  16. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you step on a rusto fat cap

    when you start tagging things in your backyard(like trees and picnic tables)

    when your hands cramp up frequently from holding down the spray cap
  17. cyras1

    cyras1 Elite Member

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    when one of your homeboy say's i'm going to peel a cap in that fools ass(shoot him) and you take out a fat cap and say how do you do that? :lol:
  18. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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  19. Zeos

    Zeos Senior Member

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    on all you notebooks and papers are filled with tags and pieces.
  20. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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    lol, that sounds just like my notebook, i just cleaned it out, and i had a massive stack of shit with just scribbles all over the paper