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You Know Your Addicted To Graff When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joust, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. Solace_one

    Solace_one Member

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    When you go to school and can't prevent yourself from killing the chalkboards, nomatter how you try; when you look at to take inspiration from medieval and discoo alphabets, when you're on a bus and see a sign for a locally owned restaurant and think "BITE... no sin"; when your idea of a romantic date is sitting on a cloudy day by the tracks at an old shut-down warehouse with two empty cans and a mop running low on ink, and a train comes by, and you see all these peices and say "Goddamnit it's time to go buy some paint", and your beautiful girlfriend says, "but that money's for food....."
    When you're trying to come up with a 'Moving Bus' style so you can get up on city bus seats and not look like shit... When you accidently, after bombing a moving train you caught and jumping off, say "That was better then sex!" .......and you give her 6 O's in two hours, too.....

    OH and when the Latin Kings write up your school, everybody looks at you and says, "does he know anything?" ignorant m-f**kers.... not even tags, either, just writing. Bitch.
  2. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    when you go apeshit if the buff comes before you flick it..when you become tolerant to the smell of paint..when you got stains all over your floor for being a ink head..when you almost crash because your looking at graff..writing on the frozen windows in the super market..when your riding on the train looking at every rooftop..when you wish your girl did graff...when your room is all messy with sketches everywhere..when nearly all your clothes are stained with ink or paint
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  3. KAZonee

    KAZonee Senior Member

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    when you know what you garvey pilot grog pen ink all taste like
  4. trowel

    trowel Senior Member

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    you pass up pussy more than once to go hit...
  5. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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  6. anima

    anima New Member

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    you've got the bug
    1. when you start failing out of college cause you can't stop painting enough to study
    2. when you devote an entire room of your apartment to it
    3. when you wonder where your free time went
    4. when you can't find a quarter, but you can find a few caps
    5. when your dad asks why you never call anymore
    6. when you realize that your pointer finger is so much stronger and more capable than the others.
    7. when you break your good hand in a fight and still can't stop painting with it even though its in a cast.
  7. Kimo13

    Kimo13 Senior Member

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    true all dat!
  8. ~Star~

    ~Star~ Senior Member

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    when you get busted hard and your out painting within a week
  9. SEES 2

    SEES 2 Member

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    whenever you have to do something that involves drawing in school you somehow put graff into it.
  10. CrookOne

    CrookOne Senior Member

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    when ya go to light a joint and pull out a bunch of decos instead of a lighter.
  11. weakfingers

    weakfingers Elite Member

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    When your driving down the street and you almost crash because a line of freights is running beside you on the road.
  12. jiveONE

    jiveONE Senior Member

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    when you notice the scratch tags at work...and when your manager tells you there's graffiti in the bathroom, you're the first to check it out...then you find out it was a hand that your friend did haha.
  13. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    I bought a fundraiser heart at mc ds

    primed a small area in black marker

    then tagged it with my whiteout

    idk why they stuck it up
  14. lilbmxking

    lilbmxking Senior Member

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    when your refilling markers or making new markers with the schools supplies

    shop teachers can carry some crazy paint and supplies i never thought a school would have

    then that shop teacher gets into screen printing :O

    great year great teacher
  15. ||BREAD||

    ||BREAD|| Elite Member

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    Fucking right! when i was younger i would make my mom drive me around to chase em down and take flicks.
  16. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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  17. ||BREAD||

    ||BREAD|| Elite Member

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    how is that a fucking fail?
  18. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    this. i always do that when I drive by this layup
  19. curlz

    curlz Senior Member

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    when your sitting in school and you cant wait to here the bell to get out tagg the streets. you just feel that urge in your stomachs pit
  20. AteskOne

    AteskOne Elite Member

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    when you spend all your free time on the internet talking about how addicted to grafitti you are.