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You Know You're Obsessed With Graffiti When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by easydoesit, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Frase

    Frase Senior Member

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    When you skip out on the club night with your boys cuz its the first nice day in a few months and you can tell no one else is really getting up yet. OPEN SEASON!!!!!!!!!
  2. Incite

    Incite Senior Member

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  3. exitus

    exitus Senior Member

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    i do this all the time, everyone thinks im crazy though cuz i run, then walk, then start saying things like "shit, nice" and "wow thats sick"
  4. The Real Slim Shady

    The Real Slim Shady New Member

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    -When more people know you by your "name" then your name.
    -When no one recognizes you without hat/hood/bandana.
  5. 21¢

    21¢ Senior Member

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    when you got like 10+ blackbooks
  6. asiam

    asiam Senior Member

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    when the sound of you walking not by rattles throw you off.
  7. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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  8. AliasOne

    AliasOne Member

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    Your obsessed with graffiti when
    -JA doesnt mean "ha" in spanish
    -You name your cans of montana
    -a mop isnt a cleaning instrument
    -whenever you hear someone yell "hey!" your first instict is to run even if your not graffin
  9. Hurs

    Hurs Senior Member

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    when ur neck hurts..
  10. MF The Super Villain

    MF The Super Villain Senior Member

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    When You Huff Axe to get your aerosol fix after not painting for a week...
  11. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    when your boogers are multi-colored.
  12. sallybsk

    sallybsk Senior Member

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    when you have a small dick and no friends.
  13. Infoe

    Infoe Senior Member

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    Lol not really. I've got about 30


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    u must scribble shit in and not piece em
  15. RhodeIsland

    RhodeIsland Elite Member

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    All i got outta that was you skip out of clubs with boys
  16. intifada

    intifada Senior Member

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    when a ten minute walk turns into a 45 minute walk because you cant not write on things
  17. klic

    klic Elite Member

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    when you accidently say handstyle instead of handjob
  18. downunder

    downunder Senior Member

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    when you come into an old, repetitive thread to say the same shit atleast 20 other people have said to prove your addicted to "graffin"
  19. BBQ812

    BBQ812 Member

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    when a friend with cans is your right hand man
  20. KidReny!

    KidReny! Senior Member

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    - You sometimes find a black stain in your pocket from the mop you always carry around.
    - The words (NO VANDALISMS) just means tag right here to you.
    - You attack your little cousin for saying "this toy sucks" when he was actually talking about your old toys from 5th grade.
    - You sometimes pretend to spray during class in the air, and not care that you look like a dumbass with you hand waving in the air.
    - You cuss at yourself wishing you brought something to tag the blank wall with.