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You Know You're Obsessed With Graffiti When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by easydoesit, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    When the smell of paint turns you on
  2. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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    when you go out till 5, walking, alone, across town and back maybe 5 nights a week
  3. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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  4. Phreak

    Phreak Member

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    when you hear magnum and think of sharpie >.>
    you've wrote your tag on a school paper instead of your real name
    not that great but idgaf
  5. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    When your walking around seeing blank walls then wondering if you can hit it.
  6. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    when you do tags on your mirror when its fogged up.
  7. Tired

    Tired New Member

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    When you lose everything else because of it
  8. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    ^been there, and done most of these other things.
  9. LoneKid

    LoneKid Member

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    Lol wut?

    Kid talking about avatar and earth bending ^^^^^ wtf?
  10. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    you know when your addicted to graffiti when you post pictures on random threads because you want credits to get free graffiti supplise annon.jpg
  11. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    when you tag furniture

    when you tag mirrors with expo marker
  12. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    When you rather go writing then getting laid.
  13. aaesoo

    aaesoo Senior Member

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    When the coffee table in your room has more tags than your whole block.

    Actually... that's how you know your block's wack.
  14. millie

    millie Senior Member

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    lol you know your obsessed with graffiti when you rack thing every where you go and cut holes in you jacket to fit paint can in em lol true story,
  15. Cider

    Cider Senior Member

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    when you bomb while walking your dog
  16. millie

    millie Senior Member

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    :0 wtf?
  17. millie

    millie Senior Member

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    yeah, i've been there....
  18. millie

    millie Senior Member

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    HAH! original man!
  19. Kushbombing

    Kushbombing Senior Member

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    When you dream about graffiti.

    When you bomb on ur way to and from everywhere you go.

    When you quit washing paint off ur hands because you know they won't stay clean for more then a few hours

    When everything you own has paint on it.
  20. HipsterPunks

    HipsterPunks Senior Member

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    When you start rationalizing money into how many cans you can get for that,
    "New shirt $30 bucks!? Hell no, That's like 8 cans of rusto"