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You Know You're Obsessed With Graffiti When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by easydoesit, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. fuckin villan

    fuckin villan Senior Member

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    when nearly all of your clothing is covered in a variety of different paint stains :(
  2. Mse

    Mse Elite Member

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    when your sketching in you bookie on your naked girls stomach
  3. unknown_1

    unknown_1 Elite Member

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    when you got multi-coloured boogies hahaha
  4. Mse

    Mse Elite Member

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    when people ask you where you got your nails painted
  5. Dr. Coffee

    Dr. Coffee Elite Member

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    I fold kids up like lawn chairs
  6. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    you know ur addicted to graffiti when you see people with paint on there hands, shoes and clothing and know they write but you never bother to ask if they do.

    MUCHER Senior Member

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    yo know your addictied to graffiti when on a looong ass car ride u decide to stay awake all 6 hours to make sure you dont miss a single peice/bomb.....and ur constanly makin up excuses when mom asks?why u got paint on yer face?
  8. blank_flo

    blank_flo Senior Member

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    You know when:
    --you're supposed to be doin work in skl n u realise at the end all you've dun is sketch.
    --you rite your tag on wet cars and dusty walls and windows
  9. tekkem flop FLA

    tekkem flop FLA Senior Member

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    you know you have lung cancer and brain damage when.....^^^^^
  10. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    my room dont smell of paint im lucky :p
  11. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    - when your not on BS all day
    -when you ddnt go to your grandmas funerial cause you were going bombing
    -you get all soapy in the tub, and tag the suds on your body
    -you were late to work beacuse when you got there you noticed everyone had foged windows, and decides to do throws on em,
    -when you feel naked with out your markers
    -when you have paint and bolt cutters, in the same bag, in nearly every room of your home
    - when you were drinking chocalte syrup, and store security came around, so you droped it, made a mess, and decided it would be a good idea to tag the floor,
    - when you see someone about to get hit by a car, but you look past them toward the wall with the throw you did last night
    -when the only thing you had in your pockets were :( an empty streak, chocalte bar, and lipstick that you found. :rolleyes: , and yup you guessed it, thats what you tag with
    -when you have a seperate book, next to the shitter with markers, thats only used at sacret moments :blink: "No that isnt a brown meanstreak"
    -when you pick off a dingleberry :ph34r: and hit a tag with that
    -when your old lady calls you cause shes hot, and you tell her youll go after you paint
    -when you know the time shift for the coppers, and what time they rool by that sweet spot
    - when you cant reamember when you did those last 15 throws...

    i dunno im quite high right now, so i might just be carrying on..
  12. Russkie_Bomber

    Russkie_Bomber Member

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  13. ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu.

    ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu. Elite Member

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    :blink: that is fuckin' disgusting. :unsure:
  14. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    but sometimes... you just wanna piss off the buff ya know..
  15. BATER

    BATER Senior Member

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    You know your obssesed when:

    -you have another pair of shoes just for tagging
    -your cell phones address list consists of local writers names
    -you have a special cup just to put your tips in it with paint thinner
    -you have more than five cans with just enough paint for one hand style
    -when you pack tips, cans, markers, and scribers instead of clothes for a two day out of town trip
    -when you run out of paint so all you do is plan your color schemes for when you go buy paint
    -when you get arrested you tag on the cells wall with your nails

    This is my personal favorite:

    I work at a store so I buff the bathroom walls once in a while without anyone having to tell me to do so, just so I can see some fresh writings
  16. zoro

    zoro Senior Member

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    wen u sleep with ur book and markers by ur head

    u have more paint markers than needed

    u buy/rack any thing that can be used as a mop

    u try to forget about it while ur with ur girl and the only thing u can think of is a
    nice big juicy throw

    wen the smell of prisma colors makes u happy

    and ultra flat black turns u on

    the smell of latex gloves is a normal for u

    u think of recipes and i deas for markers and streaks all day

    u buy white hats and doa piece or bomb on them (i make like 12 a day i will trade someone for some german 2 outlines and some pink and orange dots and any
    other kind of caps besides stock)

    u miss ur unlces b day to draw and then go bombing

    in sted of getting stoned u go write

    wen u wash cloths and relize every pocket has a cap in them

    wen u relize that thing uv been chewing on this hole enitire time while typing this is a dead praisma(r.i.p true blue)

  17. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    :angry: cause of people like you, is why alot of writers get busted, its a bad idea to have there monicker as the name in you phonebook, for obvious reasons,

  18. sicka than aidz

    sicka than aidz Elite Member

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  19. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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    yeah man >SM!7K< got it rite with the cell phone thing dont do that shit man you could get somebody in shit if you looose that.
  20. atxbomber666

    atxbomber666 Elite Member

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    when you sneeze differnt colors

    when you having paint on your clothes isnt a bad thing

    you usual bed time is 3 or 4 in the morning

    when people ask for your identification you show them your flowpen

    when somone asks for your name and you say "which one?"