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Your Bag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SiLeNt-BoB, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    naw, the swapmeet, 2 for 10 bucks.. purses,
    fannie packs,Back packs,And duffle bags..
    its not too big, i see alot of women with them that size..
  2. ladie.salo

    ladie.salo Senior Member

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    fanniepacks are thuggin
  3. YANKNY-718

    YANKNY-718 Elite Member

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    BRAINE Elite Member

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    mine probly holds about 20 or something, but i usually rock like 8 or less
    otherwise its heavy and bulky
    i also have a few markers and stickers and extra caps in the front compartment
  5. Member

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  6. Hack.

    Hack. Elite Member

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    hmm..i dunno how many cans my bag can hold..
    but i do know that i can fit the average 15 yr old toy's body in there

    ya just hafta cut them into itty bitty pieces
  7. magic nyc

    magic nyc Elite Member

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    When im painting some uber freights i just use a garbage bag full of like the whole montana spectrum
    that seems to work well for me but on other days i might barrow santas bag
  8. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    If im using krylon, i can have like, 25-30 in my main compartment on my bag. But i have these side pouces that can fit two cans in each.

    I usually just rock a Yellow rat bastard bag tat i have just for my can when i go out bombing.
  9. RiddleNJ

    RiddleNJ Member

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    why do you worry how many cans you can fit in your bag, most of you wont rack that much and i'm damn sure your not carrying that much to go paint
  10. jabon!

    jabon! Senior Member

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    actually, the most ive carried in my bag are 17, and i used them all in one night, did some bombing and a big got painted over tho.... :angry: fucking toys have no respect....
  11. xylene hug

    xylene hug Elite Member

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    mine only has room for 2 balls
  12. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    8 cans. it's a mini schoolbag though.
  13. extreme noise terror

    extreme noise terror Member

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    30-35, its a skate backpack and then holds a couple markers,streakers,scribes, and a whole grip of caps
  14. $NAKE$

    $NAKE$ Elite Member

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    hahah none of you have ever had that many cans. can someone with over 500 posts back their word up...
  15. Senior Member

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    i could back mine up...............

    anyways.. i got this mountain co-op bag that is just the right size.. and holds maybe 6 cans... if i need more than that id bring my backpack that can hold maybe 16
  16. ape2

    ape2 Senior Member

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    i dont use a back pack........just a plastic supermarket bag
  17. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    the most ive ever gone out with is 12 in my book bag.... Why does anyoine care how much paint some 1 else can carry?
  18. shineONE

    shineONE Elite Member

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    my bag can carry atleast 10 cans
  19. TiMe.T.a.R

    TiMe.T.a.R Member

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  20. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    I use my old turntable bag, which i have easily fit 15 cans into

    i need a new turntable bag :( probaly the heiroglypics one