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Your Favorite Bombing Memory

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Apr 2, 2005.

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  1. tkS`

    tkS` Elite Member

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    highway bombin is always classic

    5-0 threw his dog over the fence i hopped lol but i got over the next fence missing half my pants though fucking mutt
  2. snag

    snag Senior Member

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    once i was in Prauge and a bunch of angry protestants through me out a window, but i survived because i landed in a cart of horse maneur (sp.) Then i told everyone that angels caught me.
  3. ....::The Kid Called Zion::....

    ....::The Kid Called Zion::.... Member

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    back to scary........well....they werent exactly "kids" theyre were prolly round 16
    or 17 we jusgt wanted to be wasnt even in the yard it was stopped a
    little way down the track from the yard.....thanks for the luck......u got pictures of
    any of your art?


    IM me on x Forever God x
  4. CHIRP1

    CHIRP1 Senior Member

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    one night my boss (who is like old head back in like 88) comes up to me and goes, he lets go out tonight, and im like... WORD. so we go out and my boss is a little rusty haha.... long story short, I WENT PAINTING WITH MY BOSS.
  5. rots1

    rots1 Senior Member

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    yea i am a toy but really i did hit the ice cream truck.i dont write rots i write zone one.i do got some pretty big balls for a toy.nd the ice cream truck had a fat lady in it wut would she do
  6. armentik

    armentik Member

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    my first day ever painting i never realy sketched at all i only did it cause m best friend did it and at the time it was the blackout in niagara reigon like 2 summers ago we painted for like so long all afternoon i never realy knew what to write first word (in this day, didnt have a word) did cromatic sars lol after the tdot shit kdnes and unbroken . that day i met werc i didnt realise it was him he didnt seem like i thought he would , he scared the shit right out of me we were at twele mile and hes like "you know spary painting is illegal" lol so i grabed some shit and we started to run but hes was right where we were gonna jet lol i didnt know who it was at first, but man that guy can climb holy shit if youve seen his shitin the area. i started that day cause my friend did it as i said and he moved to courtney bc the next week not only best memory but i met a influence also, all in the same day i like that memory
  7. pogopope

    pogopope Senior Member

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    thats awesome. no one at my work paints but my boss bought me 10 cans of rusto this past christmas :D
  8. $NAKE$

    $NAKE$ Elite Member

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    i tagged this nimbin like last ugly ass snakes hallow, an just like 4 days ago i'm sittin in the car with my mom and this NIMBIn truck pulls aside and on the back was this HUge leaky SNAKES JSC on this green nim, fuckin white paint too, shit was Flashin. haha my mom didnt notice and i was just laughing.
  9. magic nyc

    magic nyc Elite Member

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    walking home with this girl when i take out a marker randomly to see how she reacts and i bomb a wall and then she askes for it so i pass it to her and she askes me for a boost to hit a street was cool cause she was hott and the least likely person to graff...
  10. magic nyc

    magic nyc Elite Member

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    Ive also been bombing with my art teacher.
  11. inimical critic

    inimical critic Senior Member

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    my favorite bombing memory is when i was deep in some shit, my boy was about to get locked up so the whole day we just went rackn paint from every where, we came out of wal mart with 70 cans, he didnt give a fuk i didnt give a fuck we were both homeless
    so that night we just went out squashin every spot in town.
    the next day he turned himself in, and im walkin down the street half are shit already buffed, and i catch one of those newspaper stands with my burner on the front page, that made my day
  12. Senior Member

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    i could tell a few stories....
    one woul have to be the time that me and my buddy were out bombin on like sunday night at like 1am..... we did a production earlier that night and just had to get out and bomb the hell outta the city... we were in this alley paintin and as soon as we alked out we see this cop turn the corner onto the street.... so we just wlak like nothins goin on and then turn at the first corner we get to.... the cop passes us drivin all slow and we are both carrying like 4 cans each in our pants.... so we were like "thank god he didnt stop"... then we get to this bridge... the bridge is an old lift bridge and has sidealks on either side that are guarded from the road by a solid barrier that is about chest high..... half way across the bridge the cop stops us... asks us what we are doi out so late.... told him we were goin for a coffee........ so he said ok and drove off.... as soon as he was just outta sight i knelt down and bombed the barrier... and just as i stood up he drove by again............ we were on our way home anyways so we just went back to my place and played some ps2 and drank amoretto
  13. $NAKE$

    $NAKE$ Elite Member

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    who the fuck calls it bombing. thats heat talk.
  14. RiddleNJ

    RiddleNJ Member

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    One of my most memorable bombing experiences was hanging off of an overpass by harness and the cops comming, I undid my harness and landed right on the cops roof, I got the hell outta there. The best thing was I went back the next day and my harness was still there.
  15. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    we was climbing to get to a roof that was a mexican club spot
    but accidently steped on a electrical box that made the lights go
    out, secounds later on top of the roof top, we hear three
    people yelling at us, to come down, I quickly jumped off the roof in front and started running to regroup with another homie that jumped over the three bouncers in the back of the club ,The bouncers beat the shit out off my friend with a bat and held him until the
    po-po came, he only got charged for trasspassing, we saw cops arrest him
    and they waited for our return to the car that we were smashing in,
    went back there like 20 minutes later, got in the car and called it a night.
  16. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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  17. ACTION NEWS...

    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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    who the fuck calls it bombing. thats heat talk. [/b][/quote]
    Fucking everyone does, you stupid cracker toy.
  18. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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    haha kraka toy lol wutch u write KRAKA
  19. RJX

    RJX Senior Member

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    I won't type my favourite but one that sticks out in my mind was when I had been painting for 6 months I was doing a 20 minute piece on a wall 2:30am while a bum slept on a park bench a couple metres away. He awoke and sat up when I was shaking a can of white to finish off the piece with a highlight. He watched me do it then I'm guessing he passed out because he just fell backwards and hit his head on the bench. I collected my empties and left.
  20. $NAKE$

    $NAKE$ Elite Member

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    Fucking everyone does, you stupid cracker toy. [/b][/quote]
    toy yes! cracker No! and i've never called it bombing, sounds fucked i just call it writing. sounds more normal.