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Your Favorite Quote U Put Next To Ur Tag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CiA OwNZ, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. smesr

    smesr New Member

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    destroy all toys
  2. ryskeronerski

    ryskeronerski Member

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  3. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    i should of put that up the other night instead i just wrote this is shit underneath fuck i hate my drunken thinking
  4. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    a quote next to a tag? hahahahaha. what a bunch of tools.
  5. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    i saw a red engine fill and in the first E it said "WHAT?" and in the last E it sad "OKAY!" made me laugh for days it was an '05 throw. red and white? if someone comes across it post it up.
  6. eNfeR

    eNfeR Member

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    "catch a feeling" or "oh hey!"
  7. MYND1

    MYND1 Senior Member

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    drop bush not bombs
  8. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    holy crap.

    reading the last page, if i saw that shit written on a wall it would make the whole thing a joke.

    if you're gonna put words next to your piece or whatever at least make it something that will make the reader think. and provoke something interesting. rather than pointless shit takin up wall space.

    i like looking at weird shit when i see walls.

    that may be just me though.
  9. graffsk8

    graffsk8 Member

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    Made u look made u stare fuck pigs everywhere
  10. <SMK>

    <SMK> Senior Member

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    smoke weed all day every day
  11. RemoZ

    RemoZ Senior Member

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    Ohno and I have started putting

    This is Madness!

    And I put no THIS IS SPARTA!

    CIFILONE Senior Member

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    also....a new one,
  13. *MNR*

    *MNR* Senior Member

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    haha wtf?? thats funny but i wouldnt put it up next to a piece

    CIFILONE Senior Member

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    i would,
    when im drunk, and fucked up like emo haircuts.
  15. *MNR*

    *MNR* Senior Member

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    haha..i probably would too if i was fucked up like EMO haircuts..

    their haircuts are pretty messed up...
  16. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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  17. SlamOne

    SlamOne Member

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    if anything...i jsut put "what?" or "Props to Taki183" just cause he pretty much started the whole damn thing.

    GEE-DOT-ONE Senior Member

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    "Be Right Back..."

    or simply when i go wit my 2 boys its "3 Motherfuckers out to die!"
  19. tame345

    tame345 Senior Member

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    I usually put up

    "Fuck The pigs"
    "FUck the buff leave the graff"
    andmy fav is before they were silver, we were gold
  20. Lunatic

    Lunatic Senior Member

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    Woman, Nature's Punching Bag