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Your Kids And Graff...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KiK$, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. KiK$

    KiK$ Member

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    If you have kids... will you tell them that you used to write? tell them that you used to steal paint? teach them how to do it? Will you supprt them if they decide to do it? let them know is their shit is wack or bump it? show them your old sketches?tell them about train cops and who o look out for? Bring them into the yard at night and tell them which trains are the best to hit? Fill their stockings on christmas with caps gloves and markers?.... you get the idea.
  2. beltonmoltow

    beltonmoltow Senior Member

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    if they are intrested ima show them the right way to go about it
  3. ner_one

    ner_one Senior Member

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    damn right, ill even ensist that whenever they're goin out to do shit, that they bring me along :blink:
  4. Senior Member

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    when i have kids... which will be in the next yr or so... they wont be sheltered from graffiti... my walls are lined with canvasses and framed prints by some major writers... my office is full of graff supplies... i have stacks of graff videos.... graff is a part of my life.... im not goin to tell my kids wether to do it or not... but if they get into it ill help them along the way...
  5. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    who uses the word "bump" in real life?...

    but theres already a thread about this AND, I would probably encourage my kids to get into art, and not close their minds towards a good father theres no way i would encourage bombing...have some respect for yourself and your kids.
  6. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    This is a good thread. I think that when and if i have kids which i guess i want to do when i get older and shit, im just gonna let them do there thing. And if i see that something they really like is something i can provide my knowledge and encouragement for, by all means, im going to support it and let them do what they want. Unlike my parents, im gonna want to see my kids throwups, and im gonna let my kid go out with friends and shit when hes of the right age. But of course ill tell my kids about me doing graffiti. Ive learned some amazing and sad lessons, and seen as well as done some awesome things all thanks to graffiti. I dont think itd be right for me not to share those personal experiances with my kids.
  7. MasterBlaster

    MasterBlaster Senior Member

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    Yeah definately, itll be like my parents with weed. Sit em down, teach them the ins and outs, but not give away any of the lessons you learn on your own.
  8. kongo

    kongo Elite Member

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    my mum encourages me doing graff, and shes a good mum, even though shes not here most of the time :(
  9. koper

    koper Banned

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    My kid is growing up surrounded by it.
    I put my best sketches on his walls. When we get possession of our condo in 2 months here, me and one of my freinds are going to paint one if his walls completely with bug's life characters and leaves and weird vines.
    He'll know about graffiti. I won't teach him to go out and bomb and get his name up, cuz i dont think thats what graffiti really is, plus i dont want to end up bailing him out. I'll teach him it's an art, like any other art it takes practice. There are legal places to paint and improve and that's where i will teach him he can paint. Plus i will still be painting and improving for some time, so i'm sure he will get alot of exposure to me painting legal pits and whatnot.

    and this topic has been covered before, make sure to do a search before posting new topics.
  10. Escape

    Escape Senior Member

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    I don't think i would tell my kid about graffiti unless they approach me about it, or i can see the tell tale signs that they're intrigued about it. Firstly i feel it should bea personal pursuit, if they liek it and they wanna do it then they should, but i don't want to tell them 'i did graffiti and you should too'.

    But then on top of that, i wouldn't completely ondone it, like i don't want my kid to get busted by the cops havea record, stealing paint (which we all know leads to the general habit of stealing more shit) defacing property. not to mention the danger of beefing and coming across otehr writers . . I dunno.
  11. kidkarl

    kidkarl Member

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    ill kut off the top of a belton can and put his bottle in it
  12. devusdevil

    devusdevil Member

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    just wondering if you guys have checked the age poll here yet but most of the people are 16 and under... and with that statement i hope noone is having kids anytime soon. and for the rest of us that are 21 and up i think we should let them find it for themselfs. if you think about it none of our parents (as far as i know) introduced us to graffiti and look where we are at. hittin all kinds of stuff. mad skills.

    all im saying is that if my kids find it and i see them doing it ill embrace it but im not gonna push it on them. ya know.

    devus :ph34r:
  13. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    when i'll have kids ill introduce it to them
    when they'll want to bomb ... they'll bomb my way , the hard way
  14. ekin

    ekin Senior Member

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    if my kids got into graff i would help them but say u get caught no gurantees ima save ur ass
  15. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    lmfao, such a great dad u'll be :ph34r:

    ya if i ever have kids i'd want to pass on the legacy......would b awesome as hell to b a father and go piecin wif ur son
  16. gaunzist

    gaunzist Guest

    Honestly when i have kids ill do the same thing as my dad let em get into it if they decide to and suport them
  17. -Sinn-

    -Sinn- Senior Member

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    Hell I'll tell my kid i bomb as for them their life let em do what they want aint my life
  18. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    when i have kids which will be a long time away!!
    im not gonan shove graff down their throats...

    its jus liek a da with any other hobbie or past time

    like golf... footballl whatver

    i wouldnt hide it from my kids but i would force them to do it..

    i would support them in whatevr they wanted to do
  19. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    im going to have 100 children....force them to put me up....until there 11/13....when they can get arrested :(
  20. Diostah

    Diostah Senior Member

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    i wouldnt really care
    graff is already all around them, even in cartoon movies
    i just got back from watchimg Shrek The Third and in the beginnig with that Prince Charming guy, behind him there a COPE2 throw up!