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Your MP3 Player of choice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SKriBL*666, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    on tha reals lol
    i had a beautiful sansa e250, one of mah friends rolled over the screen wit a chair...
  2. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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    I have an ipod video with linux on it.
  3. ##sable##

    ##sable## Senior Member

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    theres my setup. kicks ass
  4. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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    Haha, that looks sick.
  5. Church

    Church Senior Member

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    I got an 80GB Ipod. Its all full up with music. I only got two movies on it, Export Import and War 1. I don't really like the ipod but its the only mp3 with such a big hard drive that I know of. I'm about to buy another 80GB one.
  6. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    church man you should maybe do 15 seconds of mp3 player searching before you decide ipod is the only sonofabitch with that much space.. for trill.
  7. glass

    glass Senior Member

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    almost got an Ipod but you're basically paying for their name. i got a Creative Zen Micro Photo. works nice and never had a problem with it, lol all my friends with Ipods have had to return them for various issues.
  8. Church

    Church Senior Member

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    Since my 80gb is full up it seems to go real slow. I hear the hardrive clicking and making buzzing noises for a few seconds before playing. Kind of annoying but w/e.
  9. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    orange ipod shuffle with skullcandy lowriders in kelly green
  10. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    used to be an ipod until the screen started turning black and my itunes started not working. now i just listen to tapes and cds..
  11. paste

    paste Senior Member

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    I dunno, ipods are just so glitchy. I've had an ipod mini, ipod 20gig, a zen, and a zune, and I have to say zunes are the best, but itunes is wayyyy ahead in the program, just not the hardware.
  12. SewageOnly

    SewageOnly New Member

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    i got a 30gb ipod. havent had any problems yet. before that i had a 20gb creative zen touch. that sucked ass.
  13. _Dust_

    _Dust_ Senior Member

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  14. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    ive had 2 ipods in 4 years
    and apart from teh battery ive never had a major problem..
    im considering changin the battery in my current
    60 gig ipod video for a new one for 40 quid.. saves me buyin a new one

    but for short trips i jus use my fone with a 2 gig micro sd card in it...
    that with a headphone adapter n decent headphones and im good to go
  15. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    i just have a shuffle.
    with some $10 sony headphones from target,
    that are actually really good, as far as earbuds go.
    they go very loud and the quality's good.
    althoough, ive only have them about a year, and it seems their starting to short out.
    but they are $10.
  16. vman

    vman Elite Member

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    some 3 yr old 120 mb mp3 player thats held together buy superglue
  17. Devise

    Devise Senior Member

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    i got a blue second gen shuffle. its great i love it. i bring my laptop around with me pretty much every were i go so memory doesnt really matter that much to me. swap out the songs withen 5 minutes. small and portable is the way to go in my eye!
  18. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    i dont know why peopel want ultra portable...
    sure i dont wanna carry a brick

    but a 60 gig ipod is hardly too big to put in ur pocket..
    unless ur a fag wearin girls jeans
    but if u are ur probabaly too depressed to listen to music anyway
  19. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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    runci, you just made me smile in a oretty bad day ^^

    my girlfriend have a ipod nano 2gig...

    i own a sony minidisc player...
    i know im special but i got some sennheisser HD280 pro, so fuck your stock ipod earbuds
  20. NoWorries

    NoWorries Senior Member

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