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Your Worst Ink Spill Or Mess Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JSBiggz, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. thats me

    thats me Senior Member

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    i was attemping to make a marker and the inkgot on the talbe and then my neice started playin with it...
  2. barkzgotbite

    barkzgotbite Senior Member

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    i got me new a mop and i was at the mall iin the bathroom puttin the ink in and i got that shit all over me and the floor so i just booked it aha
  3. -COMIC-KCW-

    -COMIC-KCW- Member

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    My mop lid came off in my pocket when I sat down on the bus and it was a shoe polish one so their was no flow regulator os the entire thing popped and dripped down my leg and stained the shit out of my dickies....AND the bus driver kicked me off the bus.
  4. -COMIC-KCW-

    -COMIC-KCW- Member

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    also another time my friend gave me a broken spray paint can(back in the toy days) so I took it outside to the dumpster(smart move) and broke it open with the nail remover side of the hammer so their was a whole in the side. after that i took it back in the house and got a styraphome cuo(dumb idea) because I didnt want to fuck up my mommies dishes and poured in the paint, turned around for like 3 seconds to pick up an empty mop(i dont know why i thought spray paint paint would work)and when i turned back around the whole bottom of the cup was gone and the paint was all over my shelves-at least it dripped cool-{NOTE: SPRAY PAINT EATS THROUGH STYRAPHOME}
  5. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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  6. Yuckasfuck

    Yuckasfuck Senior Member

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    Had that a few times umop, though usually on my hands lol.
    Come to think of it, i think i've had splatters like that pretty much everywhere from my face to my toes lol.
    And of course a lot of clothes and furniture.
  7. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    I`ve spilled green ink all over my keyboard 2 times in a row..
    I spilled it the 1st time, cleaned the shit up...
    Then again spilled it the 2nd time...
    Again cleaning it up...
    And then the bitch of a keyboard died on me...
  8. *ASKS19*

    *ASKS19* Member

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    i opend up a new oink art ltd ink bottle all over my counter i cant get that fucker off
  9. the.sate

    the.sate Senior Member

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    i was bombing with rusto's(long time ago) in pretty much pure darkness, thought it was pointing at the wall then got buckshot in the face with red paint... i didnt give a shit tho, kept goin & took more caution wen switchin cans/tips. a cop ended up stoppin me on my way home so i told him a crackhead assaulted me and gave him some bullshit directions
  10. Seek38

    Seek38 Senior Member

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    i had a bigass red OTR in my jeans then i somehow stepped on it and it fuckin cracked..the next time i put em on i noticed that the 11 dollar marker i bought 3 days previous was scrap and until this very day i get comments about how someone perioded on my pants.:)
  11. Steel!

    Steel! Elite Member

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    shit ur story is almost identical to mine haha

    i had just racked a couple paint markers.. the small ones like decocolor.. and i went into this big crowded bathroom in this upscale mall and took the corner stall to try it out. i had barely pumped the nib at all and like half of all the marker's paint splurged out right onto the floor under my stall and the one next to it. the man in the next stall just goes "what the fuck?" and i just like flushed the toilet and got the hell out
  12. NEKEL1

    NEKEL1 Senior Member

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    one of my bois told me he was doin a peice with beltons and as he picked one of em up and sprayd it it exploaded in his face and he never got it all off in time so he had to travel all the way back from alexandra place to lewisham with blue paint on his face lol.
  13. broski

    broski Senior Member

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    the worst spill i ever had was a 2 liter bottle of ink all over my floor and carpet....sucked major ass
  14. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    one time i was making breakfast and i droped an egg on my floor, i was like ohh shit,
    then i cleaned it up
  15. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    dayuuum sketch ur bad to teh bone mayne
  16. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    i came home drunk as fuck one night last semester and spilled an entire bowl of ramen onto our couch. i was more pissed about having to make ramen again than having to clean off the couch, although im pretty sure i just flipped the cushions over to the other side rather than actually cleaning.
  17. Disec1

    Disec1 Senior Member

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    had an NY mop in my pocket filled wit some homemade ink my bro made (shit stains hard) and it some how managed to flip op side down and filled the lid wit ink and wen i opened it it fuckin went every where, luckly i opened it a bit away from my body or else i woulda had ink all over my clothes.
  18. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,136
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    your problem there is disec1...

    you spent $15 on a roll on deoderant mop
  19. Disec1

    Disec1 Senior Member

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    ya i kno that its roller deoderant, after i bought it i walked into a store a saw wut they actually were. i was pretty pissed.
  20. kas2_srbcrew

    kas2_srbcrew Member

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    Once I waz on my bus, and I had an otr paint marker on me, I wanted 2 open it 2 see if it had a lot of paint left, I opened it cuz da bus waznt movin, but then the bus started movin and it still waz open, datz wen the bus hit a pot hole, and da paint got all over my shirt and pantz, I waz tight but luckily I waz goin home already